016 A Widowed Mom’s Healing and Startup: Speaker Kristen Brown

A YOUNG COUPLE. A NEW BABY. PLANS FOR THE FUTURE. As a wife, new mom and successful career woman, she thought her life was set, until one morning, her husband didn't wake up. A family tragedy, brought on by high stress, threw her life into a tailspin. As she recovered and rebuilt her life, now as a widowed mom, she explains on the show that she tried everything short of illegal drugs to get herself unstuck and moving forward. Kristen Brown, host of “The Happy Hour Effect” joins us and shares the advice, turning-point, and action steps that helped regain her sanity, drop the corporate gig, and kick-start her business.

Read Kristen's story – The Best Worst Thing – a memoir and The Happy Hour Effect

Her Turning-point

While she made every excuse imaginable to stay in corporate America, a question and a challenge from her dad, rocked her world – How bad do you want this? and “Go BIG or go home!

Kristen's Tips for Healing

  • Stop thinking about what's next;
  • Instead of being reactive, practice being proactive;
  • Understand your core values.

FREE resource from Kristen's website, where she share tools and mindset shifts necessary to get through the inevitable big and small challenges in life – access her eight weekly lessons.

One of the Books that was very helpful in her Restoration and ReLaunch!

10-10-10: A fast and powerful way to get unstuck in love, at work, and with your family

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