The Best way to Handle a Lengthy Guest Intro – Podcast Tips

When your guest shares with you a lengthy intro/bio as part of the pre-show materials, don't feel like you need to jam all that information into the guest intro.

While we do want to acknowledge and respect what they've been able to pull off in their journey (near death experiences, best-selling books, trips to Fox news, big brand clients, etc), it has much more zing and story-telling, listener-getting power. when it rolls off their lips.

PodTip – Don’t give away your guest’s story.

 Ask better (as often light-hearted) questions to draw their information out.

Ex: “What was the most thing that happened to you on Fox and Friends set?” “What's the first thing you did once you found out your book hit the #1 spot?”

What do you do when the guest sends you a multi-paragraph introfeb4

First and foremost, don't read it. 🙂

As part of our on-boarding process for guests, we as for a 50-75 word bio. While we get that sometimes, we usually get a lot more. No worries though because it actually works to my benefit, giving plenty of material to pull from, during the interview.

When this happens to you, just know that it means you don't have to do an extensive study on your guest before the show… Unless you want to.

Until next time…. Remember this… Living a life true who you are, is the greatest gift you can give to yourself, your family, society, and I believe, to God.

Make it a great day and ReLaunch with confidence!!!

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