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No matter how good your product or service, if you don’t have a stadium full of people to talk to, you’re setting yourself up for frustration.

Here’s a simple business flowchat that will serve you well:

Build your show >>> Build your audience >>> Grow your business

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs try to grow and maximize the biz first, with zero fans in attendance. That’s a recipe for nothing.

When we kick-started Relaunch in July, 2014, I knew there were monetization possibilities. And yes, I definitely wanted to generate revenue jan31as a result. I just didn't overly concern myself or lose sleep over it. Really I didn't.

Excitedly, what I did lose sleep over is thinking through ideas, strategies, and plans for developing the show and building the audience (in my opinion, the two most important pieces).

Here's Why

You may not know this, I spent a big chunk of the 90's, behind the mic in traditional radio and also in front of the camera on TV, with a lot of PR work wrapped in with those years.

If there's one thing I've learned from years of media and public relations experience, it's this – A stadium full of people solves a lot of problems. And, I also knew, that as long as we continued to develop and nurture our fan base, no matter where my business plans took me, the listeners, supporters, and market would be there; because they knew, liked, and trusted me.

Be Open

If your goal is to leverage your show as part of your business, then yes, you'll want to have a general idea and understanding of how to turn shows and listeners into dollars. Just be flexible, and don't wear yourself out, singing along with rallying cry of today – “I've got to monetize my show”.

The first phase of your business will grow as a result of focusing on the first two pieces of the puzzle. Then, for phase two, three, and beyond, the business flowchart will turn into an evolving business cycle.

In the year and a half that ReLaunch has been live, we've tweaked and adjusted a variety of show and business processes.  And in the end, it made for a better listener and content creator experience.

And here's what's also Happened

Since we handled the creation, launch, and growth, well, Pei and I are now able to increase our reach and visibility, and do business, in ways we couldn't have imagined back in mid-2014:

  • With national speaking gigs;
  • By contributing to major media publications (HuffPost and;
  •  and by working alongside big brands and names (Heil microphone, Michael Port and Steal the Show, and Bob Burg and The Go Giver name.

Do you believe you can do this to… Even from humble beginnings? The truth is, you can.

All is takes is a dream, ideas for action, and a willingness to learn.

Is there a certain piece that you know better than the others?

Maybe you're clear on the show format and frequency you want, but are unclear of your avatar or ideal audience.

Or, maybe you know specifically who you want in your stadium, but still question the show flow, segment, and length.

If you'd like me or someone on my team to help you shorten the learning curve and be profitable sooner, we're delighted to help. Just drop us a Tweet and let us know.

Until next time…. Remember this… Living a life true who you are, is the greatest gift you can give to yourself, your family, society, and I believe, to God.
Make it a great day and ReLaunch with confidence!!!

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Joel Boggess

Keynote Speaker | Corporate Trainer | Award-winning podcaster I help teams ignite their courage, take bolder steps, and get greater results. Together, we create possibilities that bring empowerment, meaning, and financial impact.

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  1. Susan Suehr on February 1, 2016 at 6:56 am

    Very inspiring Joel. I was feeling like getting no where with regard to being found in the “sea of internet”. It has always been location, location, location! That has not changed, except how to find a good location. What you have written here is my experience. Don’t worry about the monetizing. Get that crowd coming to the location. When I joined the Relauch Elite with you and Pei, I was getting no where. With your guidance of how to get people noticing you and start building that trust was life changing for me. I had my blogs, not a podcast, but the strategy is really the same. Yes, still working on that book we talked about. Draft written and just having to push my editor a bit more. I just cannot believe that I grew visits to my website 6 fold with your strategies. My twitter audience has grow by 600% now. Becoming a player in that “sea of internet”, but more importantly building trust. Thanks for those tips about the links and people using thumbs on their phones. I had not realized an untapped resource with Linkedin that I had. I have now linked with someone who wants to work with me to put my example in their book. That is the monetizing piece. I would not have made that connection if I had not followed the strategies you and Pei provided during those months with your group coaching. More importantly, the friends I made as well. I still help them promote their books and podcasts. They are really wonderful professionals with great content. Just sending my crowd their way at times. I want to stay connected to those who made a difference for me and never forget the support I received. I also want to remember those who are in my crowd now and make sure that they are sent warmth, a sense of how important they are to me, and the value they have in this world. As my crowd gets bigger, that has been a challenge for me. My crowd is still small enough that I can manage without assistants. My guess is that soon will change. Have them do the routine stuff and make sure you pay attention to giving your gift of presence and attention to your crowd. Love the way you teach that! You guys are wonderful and make such a difference for us just ordinary folks with a gift to give and finding the crowd just waiting to receive it. Much Love to you both.

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