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 Back when I launched my show, my podcast coach, John Lee Dumas taught me a great strategy for following up with a show guest – write out a simple post (with a link to the show you two recorded), and make it 3rd grade simple for them to share with their audience.
I added a very powerful tweak during my podcast's launch that helped us come out the gate strong, crush it
Feb6quickly, and leverage the social media proof and success we found – I wrote out every Tweet, and social media post for my 80 person-plus launch team, so that they could easily, with a click, and without any extra thinking, share and promote my show to their audience.
Extra effort for me? Of course. A difference-maker? Absolutely!!!
What's a Launch Team?
Great question actually. Your launch team is made up of family, friends, neighbors, and business associates that believe in you, want you to succeed, and will help you get there.
Yes… You have to find and recruit these people. The good news is it's not that hard and I can show you exactly how to do it – the approach, verbiage, and the ask.
The Challenge once they say “Yes”
While most people sincerely want to help, the reality is, they don't know how. If you have a solid goal to hit with your show's launch and promotion (like we did), you'll need to help them understand how they can help, and exactly what you want them to do for you.
The Solution
In every step of your launch, do the thinking for them by creating a strategy, plan, content, and steps to action. When you give good directions, you'll be amazed at the help you'll get.
I created step-by-step guides and email templates for my team members to follow because I knew that if I handled the launch and promotion of my show well, it would be a barn-door opener of opportunity for me.
And as it turned out… It still is.

Until next time…. Remember this… Living a life true who you are, is the greatest gift you can give to yourself, your family, society, and I believe, to God.

Make it a great day and ReLaunch with confidence!!!

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