046 James Altucher: The King of Experimentation

Today's guest is an investor, entrepreneur, podcaster, and author. Thrown out of grad school in an earlier life, he'll be the first to tell you – I don't know what I want to do for the rest of my life.

He’s started and sold several companies. 

Made millions. Lost millions. Made millions back. 

As he explains on the show – he's ready to change careers about every six months. 

He's the author of 12 books including  Choose Yourself, 40 Alternatives to College, and his latest title, The Power of No

He hosts one of the hottest podcasts on iTunes today. The witty, fascinating, man of mystery, James Altucher is our guest. No telling what will come out of his mouth!!! 🙂

James' words of wisdom

  • [Tweet “Through the valley of failure, you plant the seed of success – James Altucher”]
  • If you don’t learn to say “no”, people are going to say “no”to you.

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