228 Collaboration: The Power to Your Success – Jared Easley (Co-Founder of Podcast Movement)

What You Will Hear:

  • How to find out what kind of business to start?
  • Launch a successful business after job loss;
  • Harness relationship for success;
  • Story of a father, entrepreneur and co-founder of national conference “Podcast Movement”.

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More about our featured guest

Jared Easley is a genuine entrepreneur.  He's been called the Zig Ziglar of the podcasting world. In the past couple of years he's started a podcast, written a book, and co-founded the first International Podcasting Conference. Jared is a noticer, motivator, friend and power content creator. He has found the way to do all of this and still keep his family first.

Jared's book

Podcasting Good to Great: How to Grow Your Audience Through Collaboration

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[00:02] Joel: Welcome to ReLaunch, your daily dose of inspiring stories, fresh ideas, practical steps and solutions. You can think of this show as being your personal prescription for relaunching into the life and business that you love. If you are a daily listener, welcome back, thank you for tuning in. And thank you for being involved in the before and the after show online conversations. And if you are new to the show, just know that you are among friends. And Pei, before we get into our conversation with today's guest, and you're definitely gonna want to stick around to hear this guy. If you are involved in creating content for real world results, you definitely want to stick around and hear our guest coming up here in just a few minutes. But before we introduce him, Pei, let's talk about how much fun we had this past Monday as the new year kickoff speakers at Zig Ziglar Headquarters right here in our backyard in Plano, Texas, was that not a hoot?

[01:11] Pei: Oh, I so enjoyed it, and especially lately, within the last couple years or so, we started speaking together.

[01:19] Joel: Indeed. Just in case you didn't know this, but actually Zig, the Zig and his team actually gave me my very first break as a speaker. And gosh, I remember it like it was yesterday, it was December 2006, and they gave me the wonderful opportunity to lead the the morning devotional at Ziglar HQ. And on the front row, with his spiral notebook, taking notes, was the Master of Motivation himself, Zig Ziglar. And gosh, we just love the Ziglar family, and the fact that Tom and his team of legacy coaches carries on the Zig tradition, it is just wonderful to see that office continue to thrive, even though Zig on Earth is no longer with us. By the way, if you need a refresher course in Zigology, you definitely wanna head over to Audible… Did you like that? The Zigology.

[02:19] Pei: Oh yeah. [chuckle]

[02:20] Joel: Was that pretty good? You definitely want to head over to our friends at Audible and get Zig's best material on your phone and on your mobile devices, and take him with you. Audible has an excellent, no strings attached 30 day trial membership where you can download a free audio book as a gift, just to see if Audible is for you. Easiest place to go, joelboggess.com/audible, sign up for your 30 day trial membership and download one of Zig's books, take him with you. Okay, check this out, speaking of Zig, today's guest has been called “the Zig Ziglar of podcasting”, how was that for a transition Pei?

[03:03] Pei: Wow.

[03:03] Joel: Absolutely, right? Speechless are you?

[03:06] Pei: I cannot wait to hear it.

[03:08] Joel: You know what? Even if you're not a podcaster, you're gonna want to stick around and listen to the show, because this man was able to leverage his love into a best selling book, and into a movement. He, along with our friend Dan Franks, were the force behind Podcast Movement, which was the world's first international podcast conference. Podcast Movement 2015 is coming up later this year, hopefully Jared will have time to talk about that a little bit, but gosh, you know what? This is the first time we've done a show together, Jared Easley is actually here, welcome to ReLaunch sir.

[03:47] Jared Easley: Oh man, my absolute pleasure, I absolutely love what you guys are doing at ReLaunch and I'm a big fan. And we're friends personally too, off the air, so it's just a huge opportunity to be here, thank you.

[03:58] Joel: Absolutely. Well, it's a pleasure to have you on, and we just love what you're doing with the Podcast Chapter there in central Florida. And you're making big things happen for podcasting at large, and also doing a lot of writing too, so we're gonna hear about that a little bit later on. But before we get too deep into currently what's going on, as you know Jared, this show is all about the relaunch. And I generally ask our guests to zero in on the launch or the relaunch that has been the most significant for them, or that's been the most transformational. And then we just kind of unfold the story from there, and if it's okay with you, that's what we'll do here in just a few minutes. But before we get into that, a little bit of light hearted and fun conversation, if you don't mind, what has been the wildest entrepreneurial idea that you've ever had, and you've presented to either Rachel, your wife, or that someone has presented to you, what do you think?

[05:02] Jared: Well, I've tried a lot of different stuff, and just 'cause I've tried stuff doesn't mean it all turned out to be amazing, because it didn't. And maybe that's a takeaway here, but one idea that we had last year with Podcast Movement which you mentioned, and that was one of the many speaking opportunities that you and Dr. Pei had this last year, was at Podcast Movement, so I just want to throw that in there. [chuckle]

[05:24] Joel: It was fun.

[05:25] Jared: But you guys know this, but there was just so many people that wanted to share their knowledge at Podcast Movement on the stage and be speakers. And almost all of them were qualified and had great ideas for sessions and we only had so many sessions that we could fulfill. And the light-bulb turned on, “Hey, there's a need for a central place that podcasters can come together and share their expertise, so that new group coming up the ranks can learn from the existing people who are really in the trenches and figuring stuff out.”

[06:00] Jared: And Dan and I agreed on that. “Hey, let's come up with a membership site that really provides that.” We reached out to you and Dr. Pei, and you guys were gracious to support that. We did the launch of Pod Move University. And the idea, what we thought, “Hey, this is gonna work. We've got a lot of people that can't speak on stage but just 'cause they can't speak on stage, there'll be some folks who can re-purpose these great presentations into tutorials”. And then it's a way for them to share their knowledge, it's the way for them to grow their network, and then it's a way for us to serve the up and coming group of podcasters. We thought, “Hey, this is a great thing. It's not out there. Let's do it.”

[06:34] Jared: So we launched it. We did a beta group and it was good, but it wasn't great, and we realized that the amount of work it was gonna take to make it great, Joel, was so much that we actually cut bay, we closed down shop after several weeks of doing this. It was about three months or so, three or four months. That was kind of a tough e-mail to write to all of the beta people to say, “Hey, we've decided not to move forward with this and we're not gonna charge you anymore,” and that was a difficult decision to make. So, it's great to have good ideas, but it's always best to test them, it's good to get advice before you test, and we followed all those rules and then we realized shortly into it, “Hey, we're not gonna be able to produce this the way we thought we were going to be able to.” It's gonna take a lot of time, a lot of resources and we weren't willing to commit that and we realized, “Hey, that's a relaunch. We gotta hit the stop button on this one and relaunch into another idea.” And while that was a little bit tough to do, it was a good lesson to learn.

[07:34] Joel: Well, that speaks highly of your integrity and also of Dan's integrity and commitment, not just to podcasting, but your commitment to yourselves and your family that you realize that, “You know what? For whatever reason, this particular idea is not getting the traction like we thought it did”. And maybe it was too soon, maybe there are some other variables that were not quite developed enough to take advantage of. But for whatever reason, you and Dan made the right choice that, “You know what? This is not what we're going to do moving forward, so we're gonna learn from this experience and we're gonna be able to harness those learning opportunities, even the painful ones, and we're gonna be able to move forward”. So really, bravo for you and Dan to not only notice that, but to really take that lesson instead of what a lot of entrepreneurs do is they try and try and try for way too long when it's just time for a relaunch.

[08:46] Pei: Yeah, to know when to quit because there's so many other things that they'd rather focus on.

[08:52] Joel: Right. Like John Maxwell says, quit and quit often. [chuckle]

[08:57] Jared: Yeah. It's easy to think that way, but then when you're actually in the heat of the moment, you're like, “Oh, this feels like a failure,” it's okay, and I love that quote by John. I appreciate you sharing that. And I love the idea of relaunch because not everybody's gonna do everything perfect every time, and everybody's gonna need a moment where they have that mull again or they have that chance to, “Hey, I'm gonna start fresh again and learn from what I've done in the past and take that into this next step.” And I love relaunch. I think that's a beautiful thing for people to be able to have that second opportunity and to do something with what they've learned.

[09:32] Joel: Absolutely and I appreciate you saying that. So how do we start to talk about today, Jared's relaunch? You kind of mentioned one already with the podcast, kind of the false start, if you will, but how do we need to open up today's show?

[09:48] Jared: Well, there's a relaunch, it seems like all the time with me and business and that's not a bad thing as we've described. So a recent relaunch was with my own podcast. I have a show and it's a great show and it grows and it's steady and it's a little bit, but I've enjoyed being a part of it. But there was a season there where it kind of plateaued and I realized, “Okay, I need to do something a little bit different. The same old thing, it just isn't resonating like it used to.” And that's when I realized, “Hey, I can reach out to a friend, someone who has a strength in writing, someone who's writing a lot of articles for bigger sites,” and I reached out. He doesn't have a podcast. He didn't have time to podcast and I thought, “Okay, you don't have time to create your own podcast, but maybe you could just be a guest, like co-host, if you will, on my show and that way you can be on a podcast, but you're not actually having to create your own.” And then he can extend the visibility of the show to his audience and I thought that might be a win win.

[10:46] Jared: So I went to a mutual friend of ours. His name is Kimanzi Constable and Kimanzi writes for some big sites, and just doing some amazing things with writing. And he and I actually worked on a book. We may mention that later, but we've got a book that's gonna come out later this year and I thought it'll make sense if he's on the show with me when that book launches. So I asked him. I was like, “Hey, would you consider being a co-host to the show?” And he came back and said, “Yeah, that's the solution I'm looking for 'cause I really don't have time for a podcast. I'm not gonna put all the effort into, and Joel and Dr. Pei know this. It's a lot of work to produce a really good show.” And so we brought Kimanzi in. And ever since then it's just like breathed new life into the show and there are different people that are listening to it now that weren't before. And it's just been an encouraging thing. It's been helpful to him, it's been helpful to me and we're just having more fun with the show and that was a relaunch. That was saying, “Hey, this has kinda plateaued. What can I do to shake it up a little bit that makes sense and that serves people? And that also is a win for, in this case, Kimanzi.” And we were able to find that hybrid and so far so good.

[11:45] Pei: Wow! I love that 'cause part of what we teach, even we talked a little bit at Ziglar's Corporation, the Morning Devotional, was relationship, which is one of the key R's during a relaunch. It sounded like you leveraged relationship with friendship and grew into business opportunities and bringing fresh air into what everybody's doing.

[12:12] Joel: Or really, if you think about it, Jared followed the exact secret sauce recipe that we did talk about at Ziglar 'cause what we did Jared, is we uncovered the three Rs for any successful ReLaunch to occur. And the three R's is very quickly are: Resources, surrounding yourself with the best resources and those could be written, those could be audio, those could be video. And also deepening those relationships, that's the second R, relationships, linking arms with the right people and then going deep. And then also developing some success routines or rituals, rituals being that third R that could help you move forward. And your relaunch, I love this because it's all about collaboration. That's what I'm hearing. Is that what you're hearing Pei?

[13:06] Pei: Oh, absolutely. So Jared, I know we're friends but there is a lot about you I don't know. I always wanted to know, have you always been an entrepreneur? And also, the inspiration behind this “Starve The Doubt” so if you could've just come and take us back a little bit and…

[13:24] Joel: Stealing my question?

[13:25] Pei: Oh… [chuckle]

[13:27] Jared: It's a good question, she should steal it.

[13:29] Joel: She just did. I got nothing now but go ahead.

[13:33] Jared: No, I appreciate you asking that Pei. And you mentioned Zig Ziglar and let's just go there for a minute. Back a few years ago I started listening to Zig Ziglar and he talked about Automobile University and guess what? Automobile University for me was what got me into podcasting. That's what made me start listening to podcasts, and at the time I was in a corporate job and I was having success there and actually, work really hard one year and became the top fiddler in this company and it was a big strategy that I had rolled out, and I measured everyday throughout that year to meet that goal. I met the goal within the year, I got a bonus, I got to stand up in front of the business, in front of the company and win some kind of plaque. And then the next day, it was a restart like somebody hit restart on the Nintendo. [chuckle] It was like all, I gotta do all these all over again. And I remember that just the thought of that Joel and Dr. Pei, that just completely exhausted me, to think all the effort I put in this last year to reach this level of success, I gotta do it again? Like I can't even, I don't even wanna do that.

[14:34] Jared: And it felt like I'd climbed the ladder but I was on the wrong wall, and that's when I started listening to Zig, that's when I started getting into podcast which ultimately encouraged me to take steps to start my own. And I didn't have an idea of necessarily how to be an entrepreneur or how to create businesses, but I was interested in those things and I listened to podcasts about that, which ultimately compelled me to start my own show where I can have conversations with good folks and learn from them, curate that information. And I've started a show, I have a podcast much like you have. And I've been doing it almost two years and there are ideas and things that opened up, podcasts made me like you mentioned that. That idea would've never happened had I not had starved the doubts with my podcast. And so there's been some business ideas that have come from just the act of doing a podcast which ultimately, if I had to pick a starting point, it was Zig Ziglar listening to him talk about automobile university.

[15:29] Joel: Okay. So let me jump in and ask you this. When did your entrepreneurial relaunched? You can pick any relaunch. You can pick the podcast relaunch or you can pick one of the others. When did your entrepreneurial relaunch become a relaunch of necessity for you, and let me break that down real quick.

[15:48] Jared: Sure.

[15:48] Joel: When we talk about relaunch there's relaunch of choice, and obviously you know what it is to make a choice. You make a decision that today will be different, I would do things different today. So a relaunch of choice is one thing but for most entrepreneurs, this has been my experience on the show anyhow. For most entrepreneurs, they go through a relaunch of necessity and it becomes necessary for them to experience themselves in a different way, and to let other people, maybe audience members, maybe people that you speak to or in front of. Or maybe it's clients that you work one on one with. It becomes a necessity for entrepreneurs to allow other people to experience them in a different way. So was there a point within that automobile university or maybe before, or maybe after when your relaunch, your entrepreneurial relaunch became a relaunch of necessity?

[16:49] Jared: Yeah, well sometimes necessity stems from circumstances outside of your control and the job that I was referring to earlier ultimately, well I had success there, the company didn't do as well and then, next thing I know I was let go from that job and it was, “Hey this is not what I expected, now what?” Do I just run out and go get another job or do I try to build businesses around some of the things I've learned? And so that's the process that I started. I realized from that point, “Okay I'm gonna make a crack at being an entrepreneur. I may not be the most successful entrepreneur right out of the gate, but I'm gonna try this 'cause I believe that I know enough at this point through the conversations I've had, through just learning, like you said automobile university, that I could try to do something.

[17:38] Jared: And so this last year really, a little bit longer than a year but, a little bit over a year I've worked hard at trying to build businesses, trying to grow that. And that process has been really good for me and my family. Some of it has not been easy and I don't wanna pretend that everything played out and I've just completely made the same income that I made from my day job, but I'm growing, I'm learning. So for me, it was a decision that was made for me. Someone let me go and then I realized, “Okay, this is the catalyst, this is the moment where I have to really relaunch and try something that may be a little bit scary, but could be very rewarding.” But that process doesn't deliver overnight, and I'm sure you know that.

[18:18] Joel: Indeed, indeed. Thank you for sharing that Jared. I'm curious, when Pei and I are working one on one with people or with a group, and we're helping people set the stage for their own relaunch, a lot of learning takes place and also a lot of relearning takes place. Learning and relearning about potential, possibilities of value, and even learning about a person's worthiness. And I'm curious, as you were going through your relaunch, what are some of the things that you learned or relearned about your potential, your possibilities, your value?

[19:02] Jared: One of my strengths… And I found out my strengths Joel, by just asking people. [chuckle] I thought, “Okay, here's somethings I think I'm strong at.”

[19:10] Joel: Brilliant.

[19:10] Jared: Or I'm good at and then I'd ask people, ask good friends who like me, who want me to succeed, who are looking out for me; not necessarily my grandmother, who's like, “Oh, sweet Jerod, you can do no wrong.” I'm looking for someone who's going to give me that really good feedback. The honest feedback that may or may not want to hear. And those people said, “Here are some of the things I see you being really strong at.” And one of those things was networking and caring for people, and I realized if I can focus the businesses around growing my network and trying to generously connect with folks, that is mot only gonna to increase my own self worth but it's also gonna be a blessing to others if I do it the right way. And as Zig Ziglar always said, “If you help enough other people, you'll get what you want.” And I love that quote and I didn't quote it correctly, but I'm sure you know what I mean. You can get whatever you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want. That's the better…

[20:02] Joel: Okay, so this… So this is a great point, I'm sure you caught this too, Pei. Well, basically what Jared did, he was hungry to understand his best features and his enduring qualities, so he asked other people…

[20:18] Pei: I love it.

[20:19] Joel: Yeah, and that's one of the complimentary downloadable worksheets that we have, as… On thejoelboggess.com website, it comes right out of the “Finding Your Voice” book. And it's an actually tool that I use with my clients, is I have them email three to five of their closest friend, not their grandmother, not their mom or their spouse. But people that will actually give them the truth about what they've seen in them. It's a brilliant thing, what he did is ask other people, because people see things in you that you either haven't seen yourself, have been blind to, or simply haven't attached value to.

[21:06] Pei: Right. ‘Cause it comes natural to you, and you didn't give too much a credit. So, it's something like you hear from different friends, and there's a common theme… What they're all sharing about you. Right?

[21:21] Jared: Oh, absolutely. And I think the thing that's helped me the most, since I've started this relaunch Joel, is what I call, “Being the noticer.” You and I've talked about this before, it's finding out who's that person that you want to serve or that you wanna do business with, and how can you generously notice them first. Because if you wanna get noticed, there's a lot of people that wanna get noticed. But if you notice others first, over time more and more people say, “Hey, I really appreciate Joel and Dr. Pei.” And as more and more people notice that and how much you've blessed them, they start talking about that and when people start talking about it, that's when others start to notice.

[21:58] Jared: They say, “Hey, I keep hearing about, the relaunch show… This must be a really good thing.” So it's… It's a beautiful [chuckle] process, over time as you generously give to others, as you notice people that reciprocity starts to kick in, after that rapport is built. The rapport is built by you initiating and saying, “Hey, I wanna notice other people.” And that could be… There's lots of ways to do that. Everybody likes when you send them an email or when you comment on their Facebook, or it could be a handwritten card, that seems like a lost art. Joel, that's not a lost art for you, you guys are great at that. But not everyone is. So there's different… Yeah, there's different ways to start noticing those people that you wanna do business with, or that you wanna serve. And the more you can notice them over time, those people appreciate that, and they start talking about that, and that's how you start growing your network.

[22:45] Joel: Very good. Very well-said, too. So, I'm curious here… Were there some things that you learned about yourself through the interaction with other people? Your inside peeps that either, took you off guard or they just kinda surprised you?

[23:02] Jared: I learned that I can't do everything myself, and you mentioned collaboration. And I just… In my, in my mind, I'm saying “Amen.” ‘Cause, I can't do everything, I'm not equipped. I'm not… My strength, [chuckle] doesn't encompass every aspect of running a business or whatever the listeners want you to accomplish.

[23:20] Joel: How hard or easy was that for you to accept when…

[23:24] Pei: Yeah. Were you a…

[23:25] Jared: You know, for me it was…

[23:26] Pei: Were you a like a perfectionist, in a way?

[23:29] Jared: No, I don't think so. I definitely am more of the ready, what ready, aim? No, ready, shoot, aim or something. I can't…

[23:37] Joel: Ready, fire, aim.

[23:38] Jared: Ready, fire, aim. Exactly.

[23:40] Joel: Like I would know that, Pei. [chuckle]

[23:42] Jared: No, I'm not the perfectionist, but in understanding that I'm limited, that I have certain core strengths and other things are just not naturally my gift. Not to say, I can't develop those those and learn, and I should. But there are certain things that make more sense to align with other people. And in doing so, I found that typically increases the likelihood of visibility and success. So that's hopefully an encouraging word for the listener today is, don't try to tackle everything yourself, look for ways to collaborate with other people and that has a great opportunity to bliss and involve others. So I can't speak highly enough of collaboration, that's the biggest key I think to starting to make magic happen, is not trying to do everything by yourself.

[24:24] Pei: See, I hear this core theme of relationship. So Jared, still I really wanna know of all the topics, all the ideas you have as an entrepreneur, and as a entrepreneur I know our ideas are endless, why did you pick Starve the Doubt? What do you think was the biggest doubt you had that you feel like, “I have to share this message”?

[24:52] Jared: I constantly doubt myself. One of my deepest desires within me, the more I know myself I learn, I love feedback. I love to hear, “Jared you did a great job.” I love hearing that, that never gets old. That's my love language if you will, I love praise. And I doubt when I'm not hearing that. It's just human that's normal, and I want it to hear from folks who overcome that, who navigate that. And so for me, Starve the Doubts was just an opportunity to have conversations and talk with, whether it's an entrepreneur or parenting, or whatever the topic is just how are you navigating that, and that may or may not have been the perfect topic.

[25:36] Jared: Dr. Pei, I remember some people even questioned me. “Yeah, Starve the Doubts, that name's a little kinda motivational, and in some cases it maybe sound a little cheesy,” and I remember hearing that and thinking, “Oh no. That's the name and I'm just gonna go with it,” and I'm glad I did because almost two years later I've been blessed to connect with a lot of people. I've made just so many good friends, like yourself, and it's because of starting a podcast. And even though I didn't have all the answers, even though I didn't know everything I was willing to hit record and try something that was a little uncomfortable, a little bit different and overcome those own personal self-doubts. And that's a big part of life is taking steps toward a goal, and sometimes that's uncomfortable and you gotta figure out how am I gonna make moves even when I'm not sure if I can do it.

[26:21] Joel: Absolutely. Wow. That's great advice to come in for a landing on. Really appreciate you sharing that. Jared Easley is our guest today, he's talking about his podcast. He's been doing it for two years, you've got to check this out. It's called “Starve the Doubts”, go to starvethedoubts.com and you can download those episodes. Of course we'll have all of the social media hotspots in our, rather on our broadcast show notes, right Pei?

[26:50] Pei: Yes, and we're gonna put a link to the worksheet you mentioned about how to reach out to ask feedback from others.

[26:59] Joel: And we definitely have to have a link to his resource, it's available on Amazon but we'll put it on our show notes.

[27:05] Pei: Yes.

[27:05] Joel: His book, “Podcasting Good to Great: How to Grow Your Audience Through Collaboration”.

[27:12] Pei: What a surprise! [laughter]

[27:14] Jared: Yeah, who knew?

[27:15] Joel: Jared Easley were gonna see you at Podcast Movement 2015, but we're gonna talk to you long before then, and you are of course welcome back on ReLaunch any time you'd like.

[27:30] Jared: Well, I love your show. I love you guys and just grateful for the value that you constantly give, the message of finding your voice, the message of getting that fresh start with a relaunch, that needs to be heard so thank you for sharing that.

[27:41] Joel: Thank you for those.

[27:41] Pei: Thank you.

[27:42] Joel: Thank you for your kind words, Jared. Have a wonderful, wonderful rest of your day. Bye-bye.

[27:46] Jared: Thank you again.

How Can You Find Out What You Are Good at

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    AWESOME interview guys/gal Ms. Pei!


  2. Jared Easley on January 30, 2015 at 9:18 am

    Thank you Dr. Pei & Joel… this was a tremendous honor to be invited as a guest. I love the message of ReLaunch. Thank you for the work that you do.


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