David from Ohio

Click to listen to David’s interviewMy job was killing me!

I had reached a point in my life where my job as a Pharmaceutical Sales Professional was taking a great toll upon my mental, physical and spiritual health. I was clearly doing something that I no longer (if ever) enjoyed and knew that I needed to make a change, but had no idea how to do it!

During the six months that I worked with Joel, he helped me to understand my personality type, identify the talents and skills I possessed and encouraged me to take action in order to discover what I loved doing! I decided to leave my old job and pursue the dream of starting my own business.

I would not have had the courage to make these big changes without the help, encouragement and support of Joel!


Diana from Tennessee

Diana talks about the healing that had to happen –Mending her heart.

God has put you in a position that will give women the opportunity to begin to trust again, to regain self confidence. Bless you and thank you.


Caroline from Massachusetts

Caroline shares some of her struggles and what she learned about herself – A passion to bring healing.

Joel has an incredible ability to ask questions that draw out dreams, weed out fears and make clear the next steps to take. Conversing with him inspires, encourages and enlightens!

His devotion to serving God and to serving others is evident. He is an excellent coach and a stellar example of how to live, love and serve.


Cindy from Ohio

Cindy’s 1st show – Getting out of her own way
I have a confidence now that I really don’t believe ever existed before; a freedom of sorts. It’s incredible! All these years I think I was trying to talking myself into being confident. Now it’s coming naturally because I’m actually walking in my element and loving it.

Joel’s process will take you on a powerful journey.
Cindy’s second show – Strength in truth and truth in her strengthCindy’s third show – ‘Serving’ up great opportunities


Carolyn from California

I don't think I could put into words my deep felt appreciation for all that Joel has been able to do with me in this process. There was a complete 180% that took place. It has been one of the best experiences of my life!

I feel so blessed and free!!!!! As strange and as simple as this sounds, he helped me to understand I was allowed to be me. I can dance freely for the rest of my days!


Michelle from Florida

Your video has moved me in ways I can not convey. You have been at death's door and appreciate the journey. I truly believe God puts people in your life to help you along your journey and when you need it the most.

Take a quick look at Joel's video


Jeff from Utah

Stop the fight, Put down the gloves, Step out of the ring!” These were the words Joel Boggess shared with me at the end of our first coaching call.

Coaching with Joel Boggess has been the greatest education of my life.

My wife and I are communicating better than we ever have before; and this is after nine years of marriage. The funny thing is that Joel is not a Marriage Coach. He is a Life and Career Coach. He didn’t teach me how to communicate better with my wife. What he taught me was how to find out who I am; how to be true with those things which God has blessed me. When I accepted and ultimately embraced that, every aspect of my life improved.


Kim from New Hampshire

Kim finds freedom by walking away from a job that was just about to get the best of her – Free to be me

Thank you for your welcoming and helpful spirit, and for your abilities as a coach, to help me draw out of myself my skills, abilities and strengths, and the possibilities they offer.

Kim, answers her own question – “If I look inside, will I find anything there?”
Kim discovers the key to doing work she loves – “It had to trip my trigger.”


Alexis from Maine

A daughter’s perspective –“It jump-started our whole family.”
You’ve been working with my mom, Kim Hall, and the change that I’ve seen in her in that time has been remarkable. I know that she has put a LOT of work into her business plan, her writing – herself, really – and I absolutely give her the credit for the hard work.

But since you are her coach, I wanted to write to you and express my thanks at showing her the way. I admit, I was a little skeptical when she first told me that she was hiring a coach. But it was apparent almost immediately that this was a very good thing for her. Where she was despondent before, she is now absolutely vibrant and full of not just hope, but passion and energy and excitement.

I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to talk to her and have her be bursting with ideas and plans.


Katie from Missouri

You will never know what a blessing you have been!

Vision and direction were totally missing in my life! I knew I wanted to serve God and be happy but didn't really even know what that meant to me or even what it looked like in real life.

I have spent a lot of helpful time in counseling remapping, rediscovering and relearning but with your help I realized my purpose. Who I was created to be. I don't have the words to express my gratitude! Thank you for being true to your calling!


Anne-Sophie from Switzerland

In this show, Anne-Sophie talks about beliefs that were at one time keeping her stuck

I met Joel a few months after I recovered from a 14 year long fight with anorexia.
Joel knows exactly which questions to ask. When working with him, I found out things about myself I had not known before. He makes you dig really deep and brings up the best in you. I began to feel empowered and worthy of success. I began to believe in myself.

After our first conversation, I was ready to start pursuing my dreams. I literally hung up the call and went right to work.


Angy from Maryland

Joel pushed me to my limits and beyond as a result my reward has been a new way of thinking about life through implementation.

He helped me become “unstuck” when I could not find a way out. He did not allow me to settle for less than excellence!


Yolanda from California

I started listening to Joel’s podcasts about two or three weeks ago. The information and inspiration that is shared on his show make me believe that my dreams can indeed become realities.

Working with Joel has been an invaluable experience. He truly is an enthusiastic and insightful coach who brings passion, sincerity, and inspiration to the process. I began my first coaching experience with the hope that it would meet my expectations and am ending it possessing the clarity I sought and also a Simple Strategic Plan for the business I will kick off this summer.



Laura from Tennessee

I learn from you every time we talk- YOU are a great teacher!


Debra from Florida

I immediately was able to be comfortable and connect with Joel during our very first coaching session. He offered encouragement, honesty, and a plethora of valuable and practical ideas to improve the way I do business.


Patrina from NC

I needed a breakthrough and you have been and still are a very real part of my process. You helped me to push through all of the fear, procrastination and self-defeating mindsets.

I was sharing our coaching sessions with a girlfriend who lives in Brooklyn, NY. I told her that you are like a Mid-wife in that, you help people “birth their destiny”- in other words before I met you I was so stuck, I was experiencing labor pains because I wanted to free.

By sharing the three MOST important components of my mission you helped me to “believe” that I could really do this.

I highly recommend Joel to anyone that needs help with clarity, direction and focus.



Clint from Texas

Thanks again for the time you have spent with me, I am already starting to feel more un-caged, sensing that the intensity/power within is ready to be released (image of a nuclear reactor about to break the cement walls) and wreak constructive havoc!

On a more serious note, the time you have spent was of great impact and I am excited to embark on this new journey. Thanks for helping me find myself, under the masks. And understand what truly drives me. I'm ready to go, and see what God has in store for me.

A Sincere Thank You.



Nathan from Tennessee

Joel is a fantastic coach and mentor to so many. We trust Joel with our clients to help us give them direction and insight into their careers and life choices.

Joel is an amazing communicator with a passion for people. He is a tremendous asset to us at 48 Days LLC and a blessing to those he works with.



Cassandra from Texas

Joel is a vision leader and passionate about helping others realize their purpose and potential. His collaborative spirit propels others toward success.

Visit Cassandra at Exceed ResourcesTraining for your greater success


Sandy from Texas

Joel's kind and professional manner places each person he works with at ease.
Indeed, his clients find the purpose for which each was destined and they discover the courage in Christ to make the transition.

Sandra Terrell, Interim Chair, Department of Sociology, University of North Texas



Lisa from Virginia

listen to Lisa’s interview on Finding your Voice

I started a path of self discovery in February of 2010 and began reading books, taking personality assessments, and attending a couple of conferences to really get to know me.

By the first of November I realized that there was no way I could do this on my own. I needed someone to guide me, push me and help me along the way. Although I had been talking to friends and family about my journey, I felt I needed someone who didn’t know me. Someone who had no prior expectations or experience with me.
Through 48 Days I found Joel. WOW….what a blessing. First of all, he had a lot of patience! He would ask a question and patiently wait while I pondered it. I loved the “homework” because it really kept me on track and moving forward. Without the homework and his guidance I would still be dabbling in self-discovery.

Since working with him I have my website up (www.thelisaeffect.com) and am well on my way to pursuing the work I love! Thank you Joel!!


The Imperfect Wives – Cherie and Rebecca

Listen to one of our shows – “Striving for Imperfection”

Joel has the ability to listen to what you say and mirror it back to you in a way that allows you understand yourself better. He helps clear your mental clutter so you can focus on what is really important: the passion of your heart.

As a guest on Imperfect Wives Radio, Joel has brought clarity and vision to our audience as he shares the passion of his heart with all of us. He spurs our audience on to action.

God has given Joel the discernment to help women find their voice and the confidence to walk it out.



Rebecca from California

Personally, Joel has given me a new understanding of the importance of finding my passionate purpose in life…digging deeper below what seems obvious on the surface. The tools he has given me have equipped me to look at my life with fresh eyes so that I can live in a more authentic, meaningful, deliberate manner. As I felt this new “awakening” in my own heart, I had to share Joel’s concepts with my husband and children.

His message is powerful and life-changing. Our adult son is walking with new confidence in his chosen field of study in college.

Walking out Joel’s message has resulted in new freedom in our lives.



Brittany from Georgia

The coaching has really pushed me and encouraged me to pursue the work I have always loved and that is Art.

I have learned a lot about my strengths and areas of weakness. I have realized how to embrace and chase what I have a strong passion for!

Also, I have learned that it is worth more to myself and to others to embrace and use the gifts God has uniquely given me, which helps others more than doing only pieces of it scattered around.



Nyandusi from New York (CEO of Dus Speaks International)

His ability to ask pertinent questions that help his clients and students develop clarity is amazing and unfathomable.

Joel not only understands how to connect effectively with his audience but he does it with so much sincerity and God truly uses him in a revolutionary way.

By working with Joel one will no longer walk in confusion and despair on discovering their calling but will instead become more purposeful in their endeavor.



Josh Hinds – author of It's your life – Live Big

Josh shares tips and strategies on Finding your Voice.

Joel has a special talent for breaking down complex ideas into solid, simple, workable steps.



Michelle from Oklahoma

Michelle openly shares the journey from poverty to published

Michelle openly shares the journey from poverty to published

Joel is an incredible listener. He has this amazing ability to pull out of a coaching session things you didn’t even know about YOURself, and brings a fresh perspective to each person’s situation.

He has been invaluable in my endeavor to be a successful author and speaker, is currently helping me overcome a personal fear, and pushes me every day to be better than the day before!



Matthew from Arizona

Thanks to Joel for coming along side me at just the right time to really help me understand what it takes to grow and maintain a successful business.

His insights on building strong client relationships and how to think through my processes with service in mind have been so helpful. Thank you Joel!


PaMela from Ohio

It was a welcome breath of fresh air when she learned “I don’t need to war against who I am.”Listen to her tell the story.

I think coaching with you has been life-changing!

Throughout the process I learned to do something that I have never done before, give myself permission to “be” me. I learned to really be excited about who God made me to be and recognize my strengths as really valuable.

Now, I am learning to “RUN” or shall I say take action to create the life that I’ve been dreaming about and not feel guilty about it. I thank God for what you do and how you do it.



Wayne from Indiana

I've always been impressed with Joel from his podcasts. Having worked with him for 4 weeks, he impressed me even more with his ability to challenge me and push me with an attitude of true care and concern for me.


Elmer from Ohio

What I find interesting about Joel is that the he genuinely listens to your story.
This is probably why he is one of the most sought out coaches out there. In my personal opinion, he is a modern day warrior fighting to help people find their dreams and help them pursue them… and that is totally inspiring.


Kathy from Georgia

He is committed to helping others and demonstrates this by providing a wonderful platform to share information. Working with Joel was one of the most enjoyable interviews I have ever done!


Dr. Jack from Florida

Joel knows coaching. He also knows how to help people pursue Life. You will enjoy working with him. No doubt about it.


Connie Williams and Sheila Tidwell Hall from Tennessee

Joel is a star in his field. Check out the show we did – Real ladies. Real life. Real fun. Tune into their show – heard every week.


Rory Vaden from Tennessee

Rory’s didn’t just write a book; he started a movement. Hear him tell the story.

Joel is one of the kindest and most considerate people you’ll ever meet. His true genuine intention is pulling out of people what their special gifts and insights are to share with everyone else.

He works tirelessly to bring strategies and inspiration to others to make their lives easier. Hang around Joel and life will get better!


Nicole from Kentucky

Nicole’s first appearance on Finding your Voice – “It took more of me than I signed up to give.”

Working with Joel has been a positive experience in self-awareness. His passion for helping open up possibilities and willingness to share his knowledge and experience is inspiring.

He is genuinely interested in seeing others reach their full potential.


Pam from Iowa

It was an honor to meet you & Pei at Dan Miller’s CWE seminar. I want to thank you for taking time to visit with me & helping me understand more clearly what my calling is.


Larry from Illinois

Joel recognizes the momentum I was blessed with at the CWE conference and helped me put wheels under my efforts. Joel coached me through launch planning and has encouraged me forward to build a platform, seize my authority, and amplify my voice.

For me his coaching was not only good but essential capturing and maintaining momentum for Priority One Living.


Rick from California

Joel is a fantastic interviewer and communicator!

I have read and listened to Joel for several years, and was very happy to finally get the chance to meet him and his lovely wife at Kent Julians Speak It Forward Bootcamp.

Joel truly has the heart of a servant, and I absolutely give him my highest recommendation!


Cari from Goshen, IN

I first met Joel through mutual contacts on facebook and twitter. I quickly became a fan of his work – his message is uplifting, which strikes a chord with me.

I was honored when he asked me to be a guest on his podcast. In my dealings with Joel, he has been knowledgeable, helpful, courteous, and professional. I highly recommend him, his products, his podcast, and his services to anyone who wants to work toward powerful living for health and wealth!


Lydia from Tulsa

During my coaching sessions I was able to gain clarity on my passions, which include finances and sports.

Joel assisted in providing unique and helpful insights into gaining traction in taking the steps to working in a environment that I will be passionate about.

It was a great adventure, one that I have recommended to others that are either searching or who know their passions but are seeking a fresh or different perspective.


Matt from Georgia

Higher education was blurring Matt’s vision.Listen in as he shares his discoveries and new direction.

As my coach he continues to reach out and push me to be my best. He has a heart for helping people.

I am extremely thankful that I have had this chance to work with him.


Kim from Kansas

I never could have imagined the day I filled out a coaching questionnaire on 48days.net that when I hit submit my world was about to change. I had been wearing the shoes on the wrong feet and it was leaving blisters.

I was in search for truth and had prayed for the right people to be placed in my life. One click of the mouse brought Joel and his story.


Kim from Kansas

I never could have imagined the day I filled out a coaching questionnaire on 48days.net that when I hit submit my world was about to change. I had been wearing the shoes on the wrong feet and it was leaving blisters.

I was in search for truth and had prayed for the right people to be placed in my life. One click of the mouse brought Joel and his story.


Grace from Missouri

He asks questions that help you easily recognize your core values. Ironically, often it is easy to miss those values within ourselves. Joel is an all around great guy and is doing much needed work to help people find their way to the work they will love.

Listen to our podcast – “The Dough Raising Mom


Carl from Texas

Click to listen to Carl’s interview – Finding your Voice – Career Coaching for Students

Joel Boggess is the kind of person you want to have on your team.

He is an artist and expert. He has a gift for nonjudgmental, empathetic coaching that enables a person to achieve their goals and create abundance in their life.


Heather from Texas

Click here to listen to Heather’s journey.

While seeking God’s guidance and participating in coaching sessions with Joel, I was able to discover my calling to minister to women that struggle with insecurities.

Joel goes above and beyond in helping his clients to succeed. He exhibits a superb passion in helping others who desire to use their God-given strengths and abilities to find the work they love.


Dallon from Iowa

Joel was instrumental in helping me start my career coaching practice at Whiteboard. He gave me excellent tips for scheduling content and outlining a coaching system to use with my own clients.

Joel freely gave of his time and expertise to provide a solid foundation for me.


Deb from New York

Deb visits us on Finding your Voice – Midlife Makeover

Joel’s passion to help people find their own voice in the work that they do is a much needed missing piece in so many people’s lives today.


Gwyn from Nebraska

I was grateful to have a couple of coaching sessions with Joel as I was starting a job search a few months ago. As I was starting the process I realized that I was actually having fun!

It was amazing how much difference the DISC and Strenghs Finder assessments and Joel’s coaching made as I was considering which positions to apply for and whether I would enjoy the work or not. This was such a change from the “hoping they might hire me and oh please, save me” mentality.

The time spent with Joel and the on-going support of the 48Days groups I belong to and the people I meet there is a major component of the success that I KNOW is right down the road.

Thank you Joel and thank you 48Days Community!


Tim from Nashville

Struggling with your purpose? Unsure how to unlock your gifts and find the work you love? The answer is Joel Boggess.

Why? Because he has been in your shoes and knows how to help you tap into the gifts God has given you to make an impact and a big difference in the world in finding the work you were made to do!


Brooks from Texas

Joel knew that I wanted to make a change in my practice to include other services to help people. However, I did not make the necessary changes until he explained how I would be of better service to all by making the changes that allowed me to fully enjoy getting up to go to work each day including Mondays.

Joel can help you see beyond your own self imposed limitations.


Jim from Michigan

After working 24 years in IT Support, I was laid off at the age of 56. I quickly discovered the job market in Metro Detroit, Michigan was saturated with many other talented “unemployed” IT people.

Working with Joel was a great learning experience, which included the process of discovering my talents and passions. Joel assisted me in creating a “written” plan and gave me the confidence to pursue my calling in life.

Joel Boggess and Dan Miller ROCK!


Amy from Minnesota

Joel was amazing to work with as a career coach! I learned much about myself, what I enjoy doing, and where to focus my energy in relation to my skills and passions. Joel worked with me intellectually, spiritually, and psychologically to help me realize my passions, skills, goals, gifts, and talents.

I had already known that I wanted to start my own business, but that knowledge was solidified and clarified with Joel’s help.

I also loved working with Joel as a Christian. Everything we worked on together was under Christ’s leadership and done in a Biblical mindset.


Barbara from Texas

At forty-seven years old I have been unemployed for the last SEVERAL months and I am so excited to be in a process of finding the path I want to take so that I can have purpose and passion in the future work that I do and in return have a much more rewarding and fulfilling life!I HAVE BEEN TIRED OF FEELING LOST! AND, I WANT TO PLAN MY WORK AROUND MY LIFE!!!

My discussions with Joel have helped me to dig deeper and have drawn things out of me that were either covered up for so long or they were new realizations for me. The Personality Style Report I received from the assessment I took, while it confirmed some personality tendencies I was aware of, it provided additional insight on my personality style as well as giving me information on the type of tasks and work environment that would be more suited to me.

I truly feel that I have direction for the first time in my life and I am so excited about this journey and where it will take me!!!


Kathleen from Tennessee

Our first show – She realized she was teaching her son “it’s OK to hate your job, as long as it pays well”.

This is the email excerpt Kathleen sent to Ashley, Dan Miller’s daughter.
Joel is a phenomenally talented coach. He’s forcing me to really dig deep and think about myself and my life in ways I never could have achieved on my own. He’s also extraordinarily patient, even when he hears “I don’t know” for the 100th time.

Thank you for sending me to precisely the person I needed to help me figure out how to move forward. I can’t tell you how excited I am to make the next stage of my life unfold the way I want it to.

Best regards, Kathleen Jaffe

Kathleen’s second email excerpt to Ashley. This one right after we wrapped up our coaching.

I’ve known that I need to make a fundamental change to my life. I read your dad’s books, I read other books on the subject, I meditated, prayed, took skills assessments… you name it, I did it.

But no matter what I did, I couldn’t figure out how to take my particular blend of skills, talents, and passions and turn them into work that would allow me to do well and do good.

In eight short weeks, Joel was able to get me from full-on panic mode into a clear, focused direction for my life and my work. He didn’t accept anything less than my best effort, and he supported and encouraged me every step of the way. Joel is a fantastic coach, and a great new friend, and I’m so lucky to have found him through you.

Best regards, Kathleen Jaffe Challenge your thinking. Change your life. Change the world.

Kathleen’s second time on the show – Of course she has a strong maternal instinct.


Cliff from Ohio

By staying true to his passion, he left the corporate lifestyle while bumping up his salary.Passion = Profit

I met Joel, and his wife Pei, on the No More Monday’s Cruise with Dan Miller, author of 48 Days To The Work You Love.

Joel was one of Dan’s featured speakers on the cruise and I got to hear his story of how he helps people find their passion and turn it into a career that they love. The stories that he shared showed that he has a heart for helping people find their unique calling.

There is something to be said for someone who invests in taking what they are doing and looks for ways to improve what they offer.
Hear Cliff’s story: “Real passion – Real profit”.


Farnoosh from North Carolina

Originally from Iran, she and her family escaped oppression in search of Prolific Living.

I met Joel through Cliff Ravenscraft and then through the 48 days community. First thing that struck me when listening to the Joel and Cliff interview: his sincerity with a deep desire to help others understand and pursue their life’s purpose.

Then I learned that Joel specializes on helping women and particularly single women and moms through this process and that seems to be his precise gift. The response from his loyal community is amazing and the way he engages with all of us – I should know after our wonderful encounters – is truly remarkable. I cannot recommend his podcasts and his resources enough.


Randy from California

Thank you so much for your help on our call last Wednesday to help me prepare for the upcoming–and future–consulting calls. The call was a big success!

We talked through the 4 main questions, and she was not only receptive but there was a noticeable difference in her excitement & hope between when she talked about her past & current situations vs. when we talked about her future and what she wants to be able to get from it.

Towards the end of the call, she said, “It really sounds like nothing but positive things can come from this.” We even came in right “on schedule” for the time you & I talked about.


Brad from Oregon

Working with Joel has been both a delight and a challenge. It has been a delight because I have discovered my calling.

Working with Joel has been a challenge, because for me, discovering my calling was not easy. It was a gut wrenching, deep questioning type of quest. I had to break through a lot of misconceptions and protective shields in my own thinking. Joel guided me with patience and wisdom.

Joel has helped me explore and address issues related to career, family, personal convictions, and daily disciplines. His insight is on target, his life experience gives him realistic understanding, and his depth of character and integrity are excellent.


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