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The expert opinions were bleak – Don’t expect Joel to live a normal life.

The medical and trauma research gave an 80% chance of either winding up dead or in a vegetative state.

The unlikely return to childhood and life as I knew it, rocked the family, tested the caregivers, and challenged us all to stay in the fight. Despite the grim prognosis and the “facts”, we pressed on.

The resiliency and resourcefulness of the human spirit is greater than any challenge, roadblock, or disappointment.

Oftentimes a fresh perspective and a new voice, is all that's needed, to trigger higher levels of creativity, innovation and action.

The long years of recovery from the childhood accident - involving an oncoming train, an unthinkable 30-foot fall, multiple skull fractures, and acts of sheer heroism, forever changed the way I would see possibilities, potential, and promise.

Your audience will walk away inspired, empowered, and equipped to reach new heights.

The story of survival and determination is a celebration of what’s possible when our backs are against the wall, and we decide, to never give up.












“ Very rarely do you find wisdom, practical advice, and passion all in the same place. I regularly quote Joel because of the truth found in his words and message.”

- Tom Ziglar

Proud Son of Zig Ziglar

“ Podcast Movement has been fortunate to feature Joel Boggess for three years in a row. Joel has participated as a panelist, workshop leader & PMx speaker. Joel always makes it easy on organizers. He always brings value that is mixed with a nice balance of entertainment and information.”

- Jared Easley

Co-founder, Podcast Movement

“Few people have the discipline and focus to do the work and stay on course. Joel HAS done it and is eager to show you the way. I've had the pleasure of being in Joel's audience. He has a great spirit and is an excellent teacher and guide. Follow his lead!”

- Jim Cathcart

Hall of Fame Speaker, CPAE

“Joel is the perfect combination of real world success and practical, easy to follow, advice. His unique way of presenting not only engages with the audience but ensures each attendee walks away feeling success is possible for them. Joel is a must have for any event.”

- Matthew Pollard

Founder, Small Business Festival

“Joel is a dynamic speaker with passion. His life story is an amazing journey of perseverance, faith and determination. He makes sure that each member of his audience does not just hear a good story but takes it to heart and leaves the event a better person.”

- Bob Higley

CEO Upliftv


Never Give Up: Stay the Course, Breakthrough Obstacles, Finish Strong

Entrepreneurs and business leaders often give up on their best and most profitable ideas, before they even start.

Fear, doubt, blame, lack of support and overwhelming feelings, can make the most sure-footed leader, second guess their choices, hesitate at the most crucial moment and pull back instead of push through.

When stakeholders and team members throw in the towel, neither will ever develop the muscles to persevere, push past limits, and achieve their full potential.

It doesn’t have to be that way.
Resilience and Commitment lead to better decisions, bolder actions, and the willingness to stay the course.

A fresh perspective and a new voice, is often all that's needed, to trigger higher levels of creativity, innovation and action, that will impact the bottom line.

Audiences will be reawakened and empowered to:

  • Ignite their courage and take bold steps;
  • Unify toward a shared goal and vision;
  • Increase productivity and maximize bottom-line results.

"Joel will entertain, inspire and educate your audience with great stories and practical action steps. With over 25 years of experience in planning events and hiring speakers around the world, I highly recommend Joel."

- Garrett McGrath
Chairman and President, Association of Network Marketing Professionals

Never Miss a Sale: The Unconventional Strategy for Unbelievable Results

During the graduate student years, I took a job in the small town of Plano, Texas.

I worked for minimum wage, which was VERY minimum, at the time; trying to figure out the best and quickest way to fill my schedule with paying clients, who were motivated and fun to work with.

I can still remember those old training videos they had us watch, during our sales orientations; where the presenter would say things like "Always ask questions that will get a 'yes' response ..." and "Always be closing".

While I tried to personalize the tips and strategies, as best I could, they just didn't work for me.

After my best efforts, my schedule was still empty.

My goal of streamlining the sales process, introducing new ideas to the prospect, connecting it with my expertise, so that the sale would close itself, remained a frustrating mystery.

I needed a repeatable, sure-fire plan that would help people come to a quick and obvious, win/win decision.

The challenge I faced was with the sales process itself.

The existing sales process on which I was trained, didn't necessarily need an overhaul, it just needed a modern-day facelift so that it would be relevant, fresh, and easy to implement for today's fast-paced environment.

While you might call the "Never Miss a Sale" process a "system", it's much simpler than that.

It is a "talking point process" that can be used with any product, any service,  in any industry and it guarantees results.

 Within a few months, I went from a non-producer to the  #1 producer in my multi-state region.

In fact, it got to the point, that every time someone returned the call, regardless of their specific goals or level of knowledge, I knew it would be money coming in.

After a single 90-minute sales training session (That's it... One session... Period) your sales force will:

  • Know how to get to the heart of the sales conversation quickly;
  • Know the five most relevant sales questions to ask and when to ask them;
  • Dramatically shorten the sales cycle;
  • Close their next sale;
  • Multiply their production.


"Joel is the perfect combination of real-world success and practical, easy to follow advice. His unique way of presenting, not only engages with the audience, but ensures that each attendee walks away feeling that success is possible for them"

- Mattew Pollard
CEO and Founder - Small Business Festival

Trusting Your Voice: Sort Through the Clutter and Discover Clarity, Confidence, and Direction

Who am I, really?

What are my gifts and dreams?

Where do I go from here?

Is it too late?

How do I make my life count?

Challenging questions that can leave us stuck or strong, listless or liberated, empty or empowered.

While today’s culture is saturated with messages of “fitting in” and “looking good”, Joel empowers audiences to cut away expectations, develop self-confidence and make choices that are healthy, authentic, and freeing.

He demonstrates that, although the past often plays into the present, it doesn’t have to determine one’s destiny. Joel offers a number of real-life accounts of the growth and success that is not only available, but is highly probable, with examples that awaken truth, possibilities, and untapped personal resources.

Audiences will learn:

  • How to tune into what really matters, what excites them, and what they stand for;
  • How to rid themselves of beliefs and half-truths that are stifling their success;
  • How to use past hurts to help and encourage others;
  • Why having a vision is essential and how to create one and make it a reality.


"His life story is an amazing journey of perseverance, faith, and determination."

- Bob Higley,
CEO UpliftTV


Finding your Voice hit the top spots on Amazon - success, happiness, and self-esteem; It was featured in "Success Book Summary" by editors of Success Magazine.




ReLaunch hit the top spots in iTunes; it was awarded “Best Overall” in debut year and “Most Inspirational” two years running; 1 million-plus downloads.


Joel has appeared on 100-plus TV and radio shows. His motivational content, and practical how-to pieces, have appeared on Success.com. in Networking Times and in Huffington Post.

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