166 “I Work Harder but Loving Every Minute” – David Ralph, Host of “Join up Dots”

With the solid realization that no one person can dictate his happiness, he threw off the “shackles” and stepped fully into his own life and business. Inspired by the now immortal words of Steve Jobs, he took the concept and words he heard (joining up the dots), and put them into action. His seven-day-a-week podcast, “Join up Dots”, recently passed 200 episodes and 2,000,000 plays. (that's about 24,000 a day)

How did he do it?

Not rocket science  – He took 100% responsibility for his destiny, knew what he wanted to create, and worked his butt off, with a no-excuses drive and work ethic.

David Ralph is our guest – he talks about the signs, signals, and symptoms of a stalled career and the need for ReLaunch!

We also have a fun conversation around the future of broadcasting, podcasting, and radio.

Podcasting in your blood? David can show how to create, launch, and grow your show.

Hear Pei as featured guest on “Join up Dots”

Hear Joel as featured guest on “Join up Dots”

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