306 Yo-yo Dieting to Happy and Healthy Living – Ellie Savoy

Still not putting yourself as priority? Can Your health challenge be a gift in disguise? 

She was a yo-yo dieter and not taking care of herself, until she got a wake-up call. Bestselling author Ellie Savoy shares her story and tips on self care.

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More about our featured guest Ellie Savoy

Ellie Savoy is a #1 International Best Selling Author of “Stop Dieting Start Living: 5 Foundations for Your Health to Permanently Lose Weight Without Dieting Starvation or Suffering in Silence”, and the founder of Diet Free and Healthy, the revolutionary weight loss system for women. 


  • Stop Dieting Start Living: 5 Foundations for Your Health to Permanently Lose Weight Without Dieting Starvation or Suffering in Silence

Full Transcript

[00:01] Joel: Welcome to today's show, your dose of inspiring stories, fresh ideas, and practical solutions to help you relaunch and become known in your niche. And if you are a daily listener, welcome back to the show. And if you are new here, just know that you are among friends. And this is what you can expect: Unique insights, aha moments and actionable information from self-made successes as they share their come-from-behind victories and the things that they've done, and the things that they are doing that are helping them to be seen as the authority and the go-to expert.

[00:43] Joel: Oh and, Pei, we have a new show sponsor that we definitely need to mention today. Brandon Schaefer and My Virtual Sales Force have jumped on board, and I am so excited to work with them. And My Virtual Sales Force, you know what they do? They take all of the worry out of hiring, firing and the training details, so that you can focus on your business. More about Brandon and My Virtual Sales Force a little bit later on in the show, but right now, this is exciting. We're looking forward… We've been looking forward to this. Joining us today is the author of a wonder book, it's called ‘Stop Dieting, Start Living: Five Foundations For Your Health To Permanently Lose Weight Without Dieting, Starvation or Suffering In Silence.' International best selling author Ellie Savoy is on Relaunch today. Ellie welcome, welcome.

[01:44] Ellie Savoy: Thank you so much, it's great to be here.

[01:46] Joel: It's great to have you on the show as well. Thank you for your time. And you know Ellie, this show is highly practical because it's all about the relaunch, how you did it and it's also about becoming known in your niche, again, how you did it. And let's start to talk about Ellie's relaunch, the relaunch that was transformative for you. How do we need to start?

[02:15] Ellie Savoy: Well actually it started on… It was back in 2008, in fact June 8th, 2008, when I got the call from my brother to tell me that my mum had passed away. My family, parents were still living in England, and my mum had been ill for eight years. And so it wasn't a shock when she… We knew her health was declining, but of course when you get the call and it's the reality obviously, it is a shock. But when I went back, traveled back to England to be with my family, I remember very distinctly at the funeral home thinking to myself, “Wow, that saying ‘if you can't take it with you when you die' is so true.” Of course it's true but in that moment when I was there, my mother's body, it just really hit me sort of squarely, really, between the eyes that, “Oh my gosh, everything that was important to her in the material world isn't going with her.” And I'd always been an over-achiever, always wanted more, and it was always at the expense… I didn't realize it specifically, but it was always at the expense of my health and well-being. I wasn't…

[03:42] Joel: What do you mean by that? Unpack that for us if you would please.

[03:45] Ellie Savoy: Yeah, sure. It wasn't that I specifically had lots of ailments, but I thought I was superwoman, and I would push myself to the limits all the time, for wanting more and doing more. And when my mum passed away, it was the beginning of a new conversation, an internal conversation for me that to really look at what my life was what it meant to me, and it really isn't about the things. And then 21 months later, my dad passed away very suddenly. And so I made the trip back to England again, but this time we, my siblings and I had to arrange the funeral, and then we had our family home to deal with, and that took me on a deeper conversation internally. But it wasn't until the summer of 2011 when I had my own personal diagnosis that I really decided things had to change.

[04:45] Joel: What happened in 2011?

[04:47] Ellie Savoy: I had gone for my annual GYN exam, and my gynecologist told me after some testing that I had two uterine fibroids, and one was quite large and the other one was much smaller. And I was given four options to take care of that, and three were surgery, one of which involved a hysterectomy, and the other one was to do nothing. And it really upset me. My life wasn't being threatened, but something needed to be done and I was just very upset about it. And I've never been one for… Actually I've always been interested in the alternatives in holistic health, but it was never a lifestyle for me, it was something I was in and out of.

[05:39] Joel: What stimulated that, by the way? I'm always a little bit curious to why some people choose one particular direction or course and other people choose another direction or course. Not saying that one's better then the other but what…

[05:56] Pei: Yeah, conventional versus alternative.

[05:58] Joel: Yeah why did you have that bend in your personality to kind of go in that direction?

[06:07] Ellie Savoy: Well, actually the thought of surgery was just too scary for me.

[06:10] Pei: [laughter]

[06:12] Ellie Savoy: I have a high pain threshold, but I'm just… I just don't like being… I've never had anything. The worst thing I've ever had is a wisdom tooth extracted, and that's the way I'd like to keep it. So I did the research on the… I forget the names of the two other options of surgery. But I did do a search on the Internet, and it just sounded too invasive to me. So then I sought, I thought, “Well I have to do something and I want to do something,” because I felt like this was a gift in disguise. It was a wake-up call.

[06:47] Joel: Okay. Unpack that a little bit, please, a gift in disguise. I agree with you with that, and I've heard a story or two like that before, but put me there. Or help me understand it.

[07:01] Ellie Savoy: Yeah. It was… When we get any kind of news that we're not thrilled about, sometimes or oftentimes, that can be the gateway to the change that we needed. So I refer to it as a gift in disguise. I needed to change my ways, not just temporarily. Not something that I was into when I felt well, but that I was into all the time.

[07:28] Pei: So would you describe the kind of overall lifestyle you were leading, as far as professionally or personally at that moment, before you realized something might need to be changed?

[07:44] Ellie Savoy: Yes. I wasn't really making myself a priority. I was too busy taking care of everything and everyone else. And therefore there was never enough time for me to really give myself everything that was needed, from factoring in to exercise, making sure I was eating regularly, not going for hours at the time and you know skipping a meal, for example, or eating late. And this was a sort of lifestyle that I was in and out of for many, many years. In fact, that was a yo-yo dieter for over 25 years.

[08:21] Joel: What was the range of that yo-yo cycle?

[08:26] Ellie Savoy: Range in weight, do you mean?

[08:29] Joel: Yeah. Sure.

[08:30] Ellie Savoy: At my heaviest, I was 30 pounds overweight. But when I was younger, even in my early 20s, I either deprived myself of something or actually followed a diet plan for as little as five pounds. So I've always… Even at five pounds, I can honestly say that when I looked in the mirror I was always sort of critiquing myself, “Oh! I need to lose some weight. Oh you know, I don't like that.” Instead of really, what I've come to discover as this gift in disguise that made me change my ways is that, it's not so much about how we look or how we view ourselves. It's really how do we feel. How do we feel? ! Because some people who don't have necessarily a weight, excess weight or are worried about their weight, may not be feeling well. So I've learnt that it's really how do we feel? How do we get through the day? Is our energy stable throughout the day? And then at the end of the day, we're naturally tired, but not exhausted. Or I would grab a chocolate bar mid-afternoon, just to keep my energy going, and then, of course, you'd have the crash. I haven't had any of that since I changed my ways back in 2011.

[09:54] Joel: I wanna fast forward a little bit and I wanna talk about the catalyst that moved you to wanna write this book and to want to take a stand like you have in your career as an author and… What was the catalyst, would you say, that moved you to putting your thoughts on paper? A lot of things happened to you and I wasn't there, so I won't pretend to understand how that roller coaster was for you emotionally and spiritually and on other levels, but something happened. Something triggered you to put it to paper. What was it?

[10:36] Ellie Savoy: I really want… For those that really want to enjoy the freedom that I do now and end the food conversation that takes up so much space in our heads and in our lives, just be there as a… I say, I'm a guide on the side, not the sage on the stage, and be there to help them reach more people that are just tired of the status quo and just tired of always trying the next diet. And I think the more that we've been living that life, especially as we get older, I think there comes a point when we can just give up and think that this is just how it's going to be for the rest of our lives, that we will have this weight challenge. Because after doing diets for years, we just know that it works usually, during the time that we're on them. But once we come off them and we go back to what we were doing before, then we're just gonna be back to square one, and that gets old. It gets really… You just give up. It's like, “Well then… ” It creates…

[11:52] Pei: Nothing works.

[11:53] Ellie Savoy: Yeah, a negative downward spiral. And so I really love helping people. My earliest memory of helping someone was at age six. But I just love, I love this. I love the fact that now this is a lifestyle for me. This is not something that I think, “Oh, this is a good subject to teach.” This is something that I actually live, day in and day out. And it's not about deprivation, rules and restrictions. What I've come to realize is that when we have a healthy relationship with ourselves, when we really see our body as a vehicle, like our car is a vehicle, then we won't skip a meal. Because when the car is low on fuel, we would not skip the gas station because we need the car to take us to where we are going…

[12:44] Joel: Good point.

[12:45] Ellie Savoy: And the body is the same. And I used those kind of examples throughout my book, to help the reader really connect and get right into their mindset, because that's where change happens. We're not short of information today, so I didn't write this book to just deliver information. I wrote this book to really help take that, take good information, or I share a lot about my own personal experience and others in my book, clients, to take them to that level of transformation that we want. We're searching for that. We want that. I really believe we all deserve that. We deserve to, I like to say, “Love the skin you're in.” Let's just feel healthy and happy and just love the skin we're in, and get the most out of our own personal vehicle, our body, each and everyday.

[13:44] Pei: I love the analogy. ‘Cause sometimes if we look at it that way, we take care of our car, make sure it gets fuel, so it can take us far. In a way we almost take care of our car more than we take care of our own body, thinking it's gonna be okay, no matter how we abuse it, right?

[14:05] Ellie Savoy: Exactly, that's right, Pei, yeah.

[14:07] Pei: Yeah.

[14:08] Ellie Savoy: I know, it's like if the car was making a noise, we wouldn't turn up the radio so we couldn't hear the noise. We would take it to the mechanic and get the problem sorted out. Western medicine is a wonderful thing, but it's made its way into everyday life, and so it's sort of like turning up the radio so you can't hear or feel the problem…

[14:35] Pei: Or put a duck tape over the light that's blinking, oh, right. [chuckle]

[14:41] Ellie Savoy: Exactly, yes. The body is always communicating with us. And when we're in pain, if we sort of quiet that pain, it doesn't mean that the problem has gone away, it means we are not aware of it anymore, so it hasn't been taken care of. And that's sort of the holistic approach, is to really look at us as a whole, not just this piece or that piece, but the whole body, and how do we feel on any given day, and what is our body communicating with us? I actually don't have any pain medication in the house. I don't take any pills. I've never been interested in pills. And people say to me, “Well, what do you do if you have a headache?” And I say, “Well thankfully, I don't get them on a regular basis, but sometimes I do.” And I'll say, “Well I sort of have a run through of did I sleep well? Do I need a chiropractic adjustment? Is my neck… ”

[15:37] Joel: Sure, a quick inventory.

[15:39] Ellie Savoy: Yeah, that's it. So do I need to do this, that or the next thing? That I don't grab a pill because for one, I can't really swallow them very easily and two, I'm just concerned about what it really is doing to my body.

[15:54] Joel: Sure.

[15:54] Ellie Savoy: So yeah. We're all so busy today, and we're just running around at such a crazy pace, really, and so we're often not listening to the signs. And when something does go wrong, it's actually probably been in the works. We've had the niggles, we've had the rumbles, but we haven't been listening. And then all of a sudden something happens, and it's enough to stop us in our tracks.

[16:22] Joel: Indeed, that is a great point, that is a absolutely great point. Coming in for a landing on this, Ellie, I really appreciate your time here. Tell me some of the things that you've done that have been effective for you, or some of the things that you're currently doing to help you become known in your niche? That's part of the whole focus of the Relaunch show, is helping people become known in their niche because that is the only way that we can rise above the noise and be seen, heard and recognized. So what's been effective for you?

[17:00] Pei: To share your message that's so dear to your heart.

[17:04] Ellie Savoy: Yes, good question. Well actually, my book is really opening up a lot of doors and really resonating with the reader, and that's why I wrote it. I didn't write it so I could become known as me, Ellie Savoy. I wrote it for the reader who wanted that level of transformation. And this is happening, and rather then pursue now, avenues to get myself known, I'm being pursued. So I'm being asked to do book signings, and being approached to speak. I've done some speaking over the years. But it just feels like a… How do I put it? It's just opening doors because I think it's a message. I feel very strongly, obviously, about the message, that there's a need for it. I think people are really… So many people are confused and not feeling very hopeful about what they can do to improve how they look and feel, because of what they've done over the years, as I said earlier.

[18:28] Pei: So, that's awesome when others actually find you organically. But what did you do to get in front of them? How did they even know your message existed, besides just simply put your book out there? Do you run a blog, or do you try to get your book on number one, or is there any strategy in that?

[18:53] Ellie Savoy: Well, my book did reach the Amazon number, Best Seller list, and I did become an international number one best seller. The Internet, of course, is a wonderful tool today. I'm on many different lists and private Facebook groups, and that's another great vehicle. Locally, where I live, many people have bought my book. And just about every day I go out, somebody is sharing with me their story about what the book has done for them, and people have thanked me for writing such an honest book.

[19:32] Joel: That's a wonderful story. Writing a book, and not just writing it, but developing a plan and a strategy to launch that book, so you can hit the big numbers on Amazon and the different places. That is one key way, and it's been very effective for us, in helping us land on the number one spot in Amazon with our book, the ‘Finding Your Voice' book. And that's one of the ways that we help people and believe strongly in to help people become known, is to get that number one book status, but… And I think you can attest for this is it doesn't happen by accident. There has to be a plan behind it, and a lot of prayer too, but also a plan. So, I appreciate you sharing with us.

[20:24] Ellie Savoy: May I be able to share, for your listeners, Joel and Pei, that if they'd like to get a free copy of my book, they could go to stopdietingbook.com/relaunch.

[20:41] Joel: Fantastic. We'll put that link and some other links as well on the notes that accompany this episode. And we will make sure that we have that available for people.

[20:54] Ellie Savoy: Excellent. Thank you so much.

[20:56] Joel: Thanks so much for your time today. Have a wonderful, wonderful rest of your day. Bye-bye.

[21:01] Pei: Bye-bye.

[21:01] Ellie Savoy: Thank you, bye-bye.

Connect with Ellie on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and her website.

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