467 Amber Hurdle – Struggling Teen-mom to Successful Business Owner

What you will hear in our discussion with Amber Hurdle:

  • When 16 yr old Daughter Became Pregnant
  • Hanging onto Hope 
  • How to Build Support System 
  • Struggles and Success of a Single Mom
  • From Poverty to Abundance 
  • Starting Own Biz 

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Struggling Teen-mom to Successful Business Owner – Amber Hurdle

Amber Hurdle is a coach, trainer, writer and speaker. By some people's standard she is a miracle worker. She takes her clients through a six-step process to show up fully and live with intention.

467_amy_hurdle3Amber's ReLaunch

She had just been spotlighted 2 weeks before by a local news station in Nashville as a model student and teen. She wasn't the girl pregnancy was supposed to happen to but it happened.

There were dark days for her. She worked 4 jobs at times during her journey and wanted to give up many times.

She felt shame and fear. Through the love of her family, she was reassured that, with a baby, comes love and goodness.

The Hardest Part for Amber Hurdle

467_amy_hurdle2Amber can tell her clients through personal experience that you just have to keep doing the right thing and everything will work itself out.

Amber surprised herself with the grit she discovered within. There is no way Amber Hurdle could have gotten through those seasons in her life without the support system she had.

Download the episode and hear how Amber was able to overcome the obstacles in front of her as a teen mom and how she developed the support system that helped her survive and overcome and go from Struggling Teen-mom to Successful Business Owner – Amber Hurdle

 More about our featured guest Amber Hurdle

She was once a teen-mom struggling in poverty. Successful business coach Amber Hurdle shares many tips on how she positioned herself to success.

Amber Hurdle is an ICF-certified coach and longtime hospitality and mass-communications professional. She takes her experience of working with celebrities, record labels and Fortune 500 companies and translates that success to small businesses, all over the world, through her coaching and training. She effortlessly combines online and offline strategies to help her clients get out of the whirlwind, implement plans and translate their efforts into cash flow, while having tons of FUN doing it!

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