594 Success for Storytellers – Brenda Barbosa

What you will hear in our discussion with Brenda Barbosa:

  • Write more persuasive copy
  • Tell better stories
  • Resilience for writers
  • Resilience for speakers
  • Sell from the stage
  • Success for storytellers

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Brenda Barbosa uses the timeless art of storytelling to help speakers, consultants, business owners and online entrepreneurs find and craft unforgettable copy that turns lookers into buyers and buyers into loyal fans – in less time and with less frustration.

She is the founder and CEO of BrendaBarbosa.com, an online source for persuasive copy, compelling narrative and clear, concise messaging.

As an award-winning writer and journalist with a career spanning nearly two decades, Brenda knows a thing or two about weaving words together in ways that are interesting, informative, relevant and real.

Brenda will do almost anything for a good story. She's interviewed drug dealers in cemeteries and jumped out of an airplane to document an 80-year-old's lifelong dream of skydiving – all that despite a crippling fear of heights and dead people.

Today’s guest, Brenda Barbosa uses the timeless art of storytelling to help speakers, consultants, business owners, and online entrepreneurs craft unforgettable copy that turns lookers into buyers, and then into loyal fans.

She knows a thing or two about weaving words together because she is an award-winning journalist who’s been putting pen to paper for almost two decades.

Connect with Brenda on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and her website.

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