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7 Steps to Launching Your Podcast to #1 on iTunes New and Noteworthy

7 steps to launching your podcast to number one on itunes new and noteworthy

Have you ever thought it would be better to remain in hiding, and to “quietly” launch your show? Unfortunately, I hear people mention this way too often in podcasting and entrepreneurial circles. I understand and empathize that this might be your very first time behind a microphone, or recording an interview. However, if you have…

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The Best Way to get Help during your Launch – Podcast Tips

When you’re asking people (especially non-podcasters) to rate, review, and subscribe to your show, remember that only a small percentage of people know what a podcast is, and a fraction of that number know how to navigate their way through iTunes. For example: While it’s common knowledge for podcasters to know to click “view in iTunes” to…

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The Best way to Handle a Lengthy Guest Intro – Podcast Tips

When your guest shares with you a lengthy intro/bio as part of the pre-show materials, don’t feel like you need to jam all that information into the guest intro. While we do want to acknowledge and respect what they’ve been able to pull off in their journey (near death experiences, best-selling books, trips to Fox…

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Simplicity beats Complexity… Every Day – Podcast Tips

When explaining your show, program, or business  DON’T GET INTO THE TECHNICAL details of how it works. Tell people the OUTCOME they can expect. (Ex: We’ll help you double your sales, hit #1, lose 10 lbs, etc.) Pei and I were at our favorite coffee shop the other day and we were talking with an Internet marketer.…

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4 Tips for Learning MORE about your Avatar – Podcast Tips

A mistake podcasters sometimes make is that they think they have to know everything about their listener on the front end. This can be a recipe for frustration and can cause a lot of delay in taking the action that really matters. Truth is, you’re not going to know until you’re in the trenches, with…

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The Best Way to Post your Episode on Twitter – Podcast Tips

When you’re posting your show, blog, and other content to Twitter, two things to remember when writing the actual Tweet: Give the URL link early (don’t make them search for it); If you are using hashtags, which we highly recommend, make sure they are not butted up or in front the URL. Here’s why – The…

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For Business Success – Podcast Tips

No matter how good your product or service, if you don’t have a stadium full of people to talk to, you’re setting yourself up for frustration. Here’s a simple business flowchat that will serve you well: Build your show >>> Build your audience >>> Grow your business Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs try to grow and maximize the biz first,…

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What to Focus on for Exponential Show Growth – Podcast Tips

When editing your show, put on your marketer’s hat. Instead of focusing on blanking-out the “ahs” and “ums” (while still somewhat important), listen and make note of key words and relevant content that will capture the attention of your tribe and future listeners. And then… Take the info and write killer Tweets and social media posts…

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Stopping the Interview??? Yes! You can do that. Podcast Tips

  People’s time is at an all-time premium these days. As a content creator, it’s important to always keep that in mind. Your listeners, readers, and viewers are voluntarily investing the time they could have spent doing a multitude of other things, with you. Be respectful of that. Be willing to pull the plug on an…

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