516 Full-time Clinician to Work-at-Home Dad – Chris McCluskey

What you will hear in our discussion with Christopher McCluskey:

  • Ditching the office
  • Building stronger marriages
  • Home-based parents
  • How to decide when to make a change
  • How to know your vision for life

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More about our featured guest Christopher McCluskey

Christopher McCluskey, MSW, CMCC, PCC is President of Professional Christian Coaching Institute and co-host of the top-rated podcast Professional Christian Coaching Today. A pioneer in the field, Chris is a popular keynote speaker, media personality, best-selling author, founding board member of CCN, and is considered by many to be the Father of Christian Coaching. He lives with his wife, Rachel, and their seven children on their ranch in Missouri. www.ProfessionalChristianCoaching.com, www.ProfessionalChristianCoachingToday.com. 


Connect with Chris on Facebook, podcast and his website.

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  3. Paul Vandermill on September 2, 2016 at 5:27 pm


    Great episode! Listening to Chris describe his thinking about transitioning into coaching, how he remained true to himself and the larger picture of the life he and his family wanted was very interesting and inspiring. There are benefits for we listeners when, with your expert interviewing, a guest makes their thought process so clear. This creates many take aways. Thanks

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