464 How to Grieve the loss of a Pet ­- Coleen Ellis

What you will hear in our discussion with Coleen Ellis:

  • How grief can bring empowerment
  • How to bring honor to your deceased pet
  • What to say to grieving pet parents
  • Recovery and rebuilding after the loss of a pet
  • Healing after pet loss
  • Paying tribute to your pet after they’re gone

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Pet Parents: A Journey Through Unconditional Love and Grief

Coleen Ellis, author of “Pet Parents a Journey Through Unconditional Love and Grief” joins Joel on today’s show. Unfortunately, Joel and Coleen met when Joel and Pei had to put down their pet “Jake”, (Watach a video tribute of Jake) but Joel is thankful Colleen was there to minister with him and Pei.

Pet Loss - Coleen Ellis

More about our featured guest Coleen Ellis

The death of her dog, Mico, guided Coleen Ellis to start the nation’s first stand-alone pet funeral home. In 2009, Coleen founded Two Hearts Pet Loss Center, a consulting and teaching organization in the pet grief discipline.

She is certified in Death and Grief Studies Specializing in Pet Loss Companioning, Certified in Thanatology and a Certified Pet Loss Professional.

Follow the links below to connect with Coleen Ellis:

Coleen on Twitter

Coleen’s website

Coleen on Facebook

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