504 Creating a Haven of Peace – Joanne Miller

What you will hear in our discussion with Joanne Miller:

  • Make your home “a Haven of Peace”
  • Do you feel “being at home” in your own home?
  • $400,000 in debt, PAID
  • Tragedy or education
  • Family First Living
  • Marriage by Design

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More about our featured guest Joanne Miller

As the oldest of three children, raised by a single mom, Joanne Miller became a caregiver to her siblings and a surrogate spouse to her mother. In college at 17 and married at 19, she and Dan began building the kind of family in which neither of them had the advantage of growing up in.

Steering her way through a “midlife crisis”, which included symptoms of depression, sickness, and five doctor’s reports stating that she had MS, Joanne was looking for a way back to herself. On a whim, she picked up her first paintbrush at age 52. And, with that wonderful exploration, came a wave of untapped creativity and yet to be expressed emotion.

After more than 10 years have passed, since that first brushstroke, Joanne Miller and her art teacher and friend Dorsey McHugh are celebrating the unveiling of their new book – “Be your Finest Art”. She shares her healing journey and how she became an author. 


504 Creating a Haven of Peace - Joanne Miller

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