521 God, Single Moms, and Entrepreneurial Freedom – Darlene Aiken

What you will hear in our discussion with Darlene Aiken:

  • College administrator to celebrity agent
  • Getting paid to speak
  • Cushy corporate job to living with parents
  • Overcome adversity as a single mom entrepreneur
  • Get higher level results

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More about our featured guest Darlene Aiken

Darlene Aiken is a celebrity agent, award-winning entrepreneur, international best-selling author, philanthropist, & business strategist.

As an increasingly recognized authority on professional development, negotiations, and rhetoric.

With over two decades of professional experience, she has attracted first-rate clients from across the world.

In her capacity as the visionary of this firm, she serves as the Principal Associate who coaches, advises, and consults with top business and industry leaders within a myriad of professions.

She is also responsible for securing national and international speaking engagements for chief speakers, & spearheading high powered informational business conferences across the world.

Ms. Aiken has served as one of the coordinators of a major cultural fashion show in Ghana, West Africa for leading dignitaries, spoken before a body of tourists and tour leaders during a Cuban Biennial, addressed church congregations, worked with Alvin Ailey, Producers of concerts of G-Unit, Jay-Z, Keyshia Cole, Ne-Yo, Bobby Valentino, Elephant Man, Fat Joe, & Mobb Deep, convinced family court judges on a wealth of thorny juvenile cases, brought first time victories to a top junior engineering college's female volleyball team.  She has also negotiated lucrative contracts to procure major sponsorships from renowned entities such as Macy's, Iman Cosmetics, R. J. Graziano, and others.  She is known for her excellent execution, as well as being an effective advocate with the ability to create transformational experiences.

In her mission to incessantly transform the lives of others, Ms. Aiken, for years, has made headlines and, in some cases, not sought to make headlines in her partnerships to truly effect a positive change within the lives of others.

However, at times when she has partnered to lend her voice, the outcome has been nothing short of extraordinary.  By partnering and lending her voice to causes in which she feels strongly about, she has spearheaded a major voter registration drive during a Hip Hop Concert which, with the assistance of civil rights organizations, music executives, concert producers, non-profit organizations, business owners, corporate professionals, community leaders, volunteers, and others managed to garner close to 8,000 new voters in a venue that seats 16,000.

As a result, her efforts caught the eyes of major politicians of which she received several recognitions.  She partnered with the first African American Health Commissioner on Long Island to spearhead an HIV/AIDS Informational Session for teens, She convinced a Long Island Legislator to partner with advocates and the Town of Huntington to help preserve the home of the late John Coltrane in effort to have Mr. Coltrane's home named as a historical landmark.

She was present when it was time to celebrate the naming of Dr. Booker T. Washington’s Long Island home in Northport, as a historical site.  A feat that was accomplished in large part by a local advocate and the Long Island Chapter of a Tuskegee University Alumni Association.

Ms. Aiken also served as the first African American female president of a provisional Rotary Club. During her leadership under the club’s signature program, The Gift of Life, she hosted a Gift of Life child from Guatemala who had a major heart condition.

She called in colleagues and friends who served in various positions across the island and the results were phenomenal. The Stony Brook medical doctors donated the child’s heart operation, the current Councilwoman at that time, hosted the child and his mother in her home and along with the Rotary Club, bought him toys for Christmas.  The Rotary Club had Rotarians in Guatemala install a water filtration system in the boy’s home.

Ms. Aiken’s work has also been recognized by the WNBA in partnership with Hallmark for being named as an Aspiring Woman due to the work she has done with transforming the lives of girls via her self-esteem and personal development programs for girls ages 8-18. She has also been recognized twice as one of the Top 50 Most Influential Women in Business by Long Island Business News as well as recognized by the Atlanta Mayor for the national pageant that she Founded and Directed, the Miss Black Collegiate USA Scholarship Pageant™ which its slogan is, “Exposing Minds, Not Bodies!” ™ as the pageant focused on scholarship, spirituality, and community service and did not have a bathing suit competition. The pageant also caught the eye of Essence Magazine.  Ms. Aiken was nominated twice for the John C.  Maxwell Leadershp Awards and in 2016 listed as one of the Top 100 Leaders by Mr. Maxwell's organization.

As a philanthropist, Darlene Aiken has fed the homeless via the Bowery Mission, her own private efforts, and other entities.  She also provides empowerment workshops free of charge to girls of non-profit organizations, & donates her time to schools, charities and organizations that cater to girls.  Ms. Aiken continually empowers her clients and audiences with her depth of knowledge, laser-like focus, passionate tenacity, & ebullient personality.

She invites you to learn how to start from wherever you are and learn what it takes to elevate your personal imprint to the next level by implementing her successful formula Higher Level Thinking + Higher Level Performance = Higher Level Results. Period!


Connect with Darlene on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and her website.

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