493 Creating Disney Leadership Magic – Lee Cockerell

What you will hear in our discussion with Lee Cockerell:

  • Success despite growing up in a dysfunctional home
  • Raise successful kids 
  • Leadership mistakes companies make from former VP of Disney
  • The magic of Disney leadership
  • Anxiety and depression 
  • Recover from anxiety 

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More about our featured guest Lee Cockerell

Former Exec VP Operations for Disney World for ten years. Before Disney 8 years with Hilton Hotels and 17 years with Marriott Int. Currently Public speaker and consultant to organizations around the world. Podcast, Creating Disney Magic and best selling author of four books on Leadership, Management, Customer Service and Career Excellence. 


Connect with Lee on Twitter and his websites (Thrive 15 and The Sports Mind Institute)

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Joel Boggess

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    Joe, you are so right, giving evil importance steals the joy out of life away from God. It feeds the frenzy and chaos that only comes from darkness. By ignoring the darkness God’s Light shines everywhere.

    Lee Cockerell, has it right with a winning philosophy that would serve everyone to success.

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