531 Motherhood, Dreams, and Success – Erica Gordon

What you will hear in our discussion with Erica Gordon:

  • Trying to save marriage for the greater good
  • Finding courage to end marriage
  • Tears of Sorrow to cry of victory
  • 4 kids and single
  • From Fear to Freedom
  • Self Care for Single Moms

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More about our featured guest Erica Gordon

Erica Gordon, MA, CPC, is a bestselling author, and creator of the Moms With Dreams Show podcast.

She's known as the Side Business Success Strategist because of her ability to teach women how to pursue their passion and do what they love in the midst of a busy life, motherhood, and a career.

Erica believes that you can create anything you want in your life as long as you believe in yourself and are willing to do the work.

Her mantra is: Reclaim your dream. Do what you love. Make a Difference.

3-4 of your personal quotes from your book, blog, speech, or material. 120 characters MAX:

Her mantra is “Reclaim your dreams. Do what you love. Make a difference.” Quote from my book: “You don't have to wait for permission to achieve your dreams. That was already granted when you were born. Yes, you have children to care for and they are your responsibility. But you also have a calling and a purpose in this life and you were created to live the life you desire.” 


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