341 Faith, Struggle, Trust and Success – Daniel J. Lewis

What you will hear in our discussion with Daniel J Lewis:

  • Mistakes Content Creators Make
  • Your Biggest Opportunity is Being Yourself
  • Why We Go Through Struggles
  • Struggling Because of a Past Mistake?
  • What We Can Learn in the Darkest Days

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More about our featured guest Daniel J Lewis

As an award-winning podcaster, Daniel J. Lewis helps others launch and improve their own podcasts for sharing their passions and finding success. Daniel creates training resources (like SEO for Podcasters) and podcasting tools (like My Podcast Reviews); offers one-on-one consulting and group training; is a keynote speaker on podcasting and social media; and Daniel hosts a network of award-nominated shows covering how to podcast, clean-comedy, and the #1 unofficial podcast for ABC's hit drama Once Upon a Time.

Full Transcript

[00:00] Joel: As promised, host of “Audacity to Podcast”, keynote speaker and award winning podcaster, Daniel J. Lewis. Daniel, this is the first time we ever had you on ReLaunch, welcome to today's show.

[00:14] Daniel J Lewis: Thank you very much. Is it even possible to re-relaunch on the show?

[00:18] Joel: You know what? I don't know, but why don't we find out and we'll just hear your story, and we'll just figure it out as we go. How's that sound?

[00:27] Daniel J Lewis: It sounds great. I'm ready.

[00:29] Joel: Re-relaunch, I like that. This show, it's highly practical because it is all about the relaunch, and specifically, how you did it. And what we generally do is, we ask our guests to zero in on the relaunch that has been the most transformational for them, and then we just unfold the story from there. And just a few minutes ago, you sent out a tweet that talked about a failure that you went through about six years ago, that you never talked about publicly, but you were going to kind of unpack it for us on ReLaunch with Pei and I today, so we are privileged and we're looking forward to that. And I appreciate your trust and your confidence in us.

[01:17] Joel: And I definitely want to get into that story in just a few minutes, but if it's okay with you, then I'll like to start the show off with, what I like to call, ‘A little piece of quick takeaway gold', if you will. And as part of your service to podcasters and content creators, you've created some incredible training resources, like there's “SEO for podcasters”, and you've also created “My Podcast Reviews,” which is a great podcasting tool and other training tools as well. But what would you say, as a podcast coach, is the number one challenge that content creators run into and then, also, what would you say is a number one opportunity out there, not just for podcasters but also authors and other types of content creators?

[02:03] Daniel J Lewis: I think the biggest challenge, that we as content creators run into, is creating content. As ironic as that seems, I know many of us have this dream, that, “Oh, I'm gonna write a book. I'm gonna start a podcast. I'm gonna direct a TV show. I'm going to write a blog,” or all of this stuff, all of his kind of content that we envision creating, but once we get into it, that's when we discover that creating content can sometimes be a lot harder than we would've imagined. The average podcast out there often doesn't make it past episode seven, because people just burn out; it's either too much work or they run out of ideas. So, I think that to overcome that a little bit, it's to have a plan for when we're creating our content. Where do we want to go, and what is the passion that's really behind it? And that's what can drive us sometimes, even when we're not really certain what a content can be.

[03:01] Joel: So, is the opportunity, the number one opportunity to have a plan, or is it deeper than that, like being clear or relatively clear?

[03:11] Pei: And they're called the word ‘passion', so…

[03:13] Joel: Without a doubt.

[03:14] Pei: Maybe it's a combination of all these.

[03:16] Joel: I bet Daniel has something to say about that.

[03:17] Pei: Yeah, yeah.

[03:19] Daniel J Lewis: I think the opportunity is to be passionately yourself, because many people, when they run out of content ideas, they are actually trying to imitate what someone else is doing, and it's just not working for them. It's like wearing someone else's shoes, regardless of their shoe size, at some point, you're just gonna realize, “These aren't comfortable on my feet.” So, when you, instead, pursue being passionately yourself, that's when you can discover your own perspective and that's when you have the opportunity to share your approach, which you may be talking about the exact same content as someone else, but you're taking your approach to that content. Instead of taking someone else's approach to your content, take your approach, too, whenever content interests you.

[04:07] Pei: I love that. And that reminded me one time, when we were talking about writing a book, and then somebody else said, “Well, gosh, if we look at the books just about anything, any topic on earth is written,” but then, the concept is not written in your perspective. So, we can share… We can all teach entrepreneurs, we can teach all sorts of podcasters, but we teach from our passion, our experience, our own perspective.

[04:43] Joel: Well, yeah, you're absolutely right. I think what Daniel is kind of alluding to or talking about is, well, we all know we live in a content heavy society, by that I mean, everyone seems to have a blog, or a podcast, or a video series out there, and while there's a lot of content out there, the one thing that will take you from a category of many content creators and put you in a category of one, which is where you wanna be, is to add your own unique blend, and perspective, and experience to the mix, and that right there is a differentiator.

[05:21] Daniel J Lewis: Exactly. Your biggest opportunity is being yourself.

[05:25] Joel: There you go. That's tweetable. Biggest opportunity…

[05:28] Pei: I'm writing it down right now, too. [chuckle]

[05:30] Joel: All right. So, let's get into Daniel's relaunch. I've been looking forward to hearing this story. And then, we'll unfold from there, if you will.

[05:39] Daniel J Lewis: Sure.

[05:41] Joel: So, six years ago… Yeah, I'm sorry. Go ahead.

[05:44] Daniel J Lewis: Well, I'm actually gonna take you back farther than six years.

[05:46] Pei: Please do. That's what I was gonna ask, too.

[05:50] Daniel J Lewis: It started in early 2000. I got my dream job. I was just about to graduate from high school, and I was already thinking about, “Where do I want to go with my life, what's my dream?” And there was a non-profit organization I wanted to work in, and it just seemed like it would be impossible to get into that organization, let alone one of my big dreams was to become a speaker in that organization. And these were big, lofty dreams and goals. But in 2001, I was hired part-time as a designer for this organization, and later in that year, after I'd graduated from high school, was hired on full-time, and things were going really well. This was my dream job. I looked forward to it every day, and I had an hour-and-a half long commute to and from my job at that time.

[06:41] Pei: Wow!

[06:42] Daniel J Lewis: And I didn't mind it because I was so passionate about the work.

[06:46] Pei: What kind of a designer, by the way? I'm curious.

[06:50] Daniel J Lewis: I fulfilled many different design positions in that organization. I started out as a print designer, then went into presentation design, then went into web design, and some video design here and there. So just all kinds of aspects of design. And I'd been there for several years, was building some of my greatest friendships in the organization, and I felt like I was a lifer. I thought I would be there for the rest of my life in this ministry. It was my passion. I was seeing things were going well, had great friendships. I'm a born-again Christian, and I really felt like I was making a difference for the Kingdom. I just loved what I was doing. I loved the people I was around.

[07:37] Daniel J Lewis: Then, at some point, this is where the story comes that no one has heard before, I started to notice a co-worker that was there. She was the boss's daughter, and we had… Her brother was one of my best friends and he and I would hang quite often, and I started to get to know her a little bit too, especially as our paths would cross in multiple social circles. And when I eventually moved closer to work and thus had a much shorter commute, there were more opportunities for me to do things in the local area. So I got to know her a bit more. We developed a decent friendship and it started to get deeper, and then I asked the question of, “Would you be interested and open to possibly dating, and see if there is something more than a friendship?” And we dated successfully for, I think, six days.

[08:41] Pei: Six days?

[08:41] Joel: In six days? Okay. So it wasn't a longterm?

[08:45] Daniel J Lewis: Right. And she wouldn't really give me much of a reason why she didn't think it would work out, so I was left with this obsession over trying to understand why it wouldn't work out and trying to ensure that it wasn't an impression that someone else was giving of me and not what I was giving of myself. Was I being really looked at as my own person or was I being judged based on other people that I associated with? And I started obsessing over this, and that's when I really made a horrible decision. And that is that I violated the trust of a friend and ended up getting access to some private, personal information that I should not have had access to. And it became kind of addicting to basically read someone else's mind. And I discovered certain reasons why certain things didn't work out, and in a way, kind of satisfied that part of me that was really curious about what had happened. Why didn't things work out? I really liked this girl. Would we ever have a chance again? Those kinds of things. The problem was, when I got my answer, I didn't stop. It was kind of addicting to read someone else's mind like that.

[10:12] Pei: So you thought that would satisfy you but it really didn't? It's that hunting for another piece almost?

[10:22] Daniel J Lewis: Right. And so that continued, that violating the trust continued, and there was a point where she decided that she wanted to come back and try it again with me, and I knew that was coming because I had access to this personal stuff. But we did start a relationship up again and it seemed to be going well, but I had this little secret in the background in a way that I'd violated her trust and the trust of several close friends. And that was hanging over my head for a while. We were dating. I had started taking it more seriously, and even got engaged.

[11:05] Joel: Wow!

[11:06] Daniel J Lewis: Yeah. In early 2007, we were engaged. I proposed. I think it was really a beautiful engagement story, but it just didn't quite work out. I think the one I have now is even more beautiful, but what happened is, I think it was six days after we were engaged, something else happened in my family that challenged me. There was a moral failure somewhere else in my family, and it really challenged me to realize, “Boy, if I'm gonna start a marriage, I absolutely must ensure that we're not keeping secrets, that I'm not hiding anything.”

[11:48] Pei: I bet it was heavy on you for a long time throughout the engagement and so when that happened in your family, it was almost like a trigger, right?

[12:02] Daniel J Lewis: Right. And I realized I have to stop this thing I'm doing. This could destroy our relationship and really mess up a lot of things and it would be much better to confess it now than to wait until after we are married and then say, “Oh, by the way I have this really big confession that's at the fourth foundation in the core of our relationship.” ‘Cause this… I'm talking about trust here.

[12:26] Joel: Right.

[12:27] Daniel J Lewis: Trust is the most important part of a relationships and I'd violated that in a very big way. And looking back, the sin, and I do call it a sin, but what I committed, wasn't a horrible, horrible, dark evil, wicked thing but it was wrong. That's the main point is that it was wrong. And so I felt massively convicted by the Holy spirit, by God, that I had to confess this. I didn't know what would happen. I thought we were both mature enough Christians and understood forgiveness enough that we could work through this together and that our commitment to each other, our love to each other, was strong enough to do that. And I confessed, and it crushed her. It crushed some of my other relationships too when I confessed to them.

[13:19] Daniel J Lewis: And the day after, by her decision and by someone she was getting counsel from, we ended the engagement and that's when my life went into this really, really dark place. Because here, everything I've been building up, I fail like for the last six years at that point was just suddenly taken away from me. My best friend, one of my best friends at that point, turned his back on me and would have nothing to do with me. The woman that I thought loved me, turned her back on me and basically hated me and wanted absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with me. And remember this girl was also at my workplace. She was my boss's daughter. The complication of then continuing to work with that boss, was very difficult. And…

[14:20] Pei: Was it a fairly small company? I mean, not like a huge corporation right?

[14:26] Daniel J Lewis: Right. About maybe a 100 people.

[14:28] Pei: Yeah. So people know each other?

[14:30] Daniel J Lewis: Yeah, yeah. Everyone knew each other. And it was really painful for those weeks after where people would ask me things like, “How is the wedding planning going?” And I just have to try and keep my cool and say that there is not going to be a wedding. And then find some dark corner somewhere to go off and cry. I went into a very deep depression and I felt like everything I had hoped for and dreamed for was gone. And not just this relationship, because the relationship wasn't the pinnacle of things, the relationship was just integrated with many other things. And at my position in this company, they weren't going to fire me because they knew that wouldn't be right. But it was just really hard to work there because it was like walking on egg shells everywhere. I would see her almost everyday.

[15:25] Joel: Right, sure.

[15:26] Daniel J Lewis: We would never talk. She basically wouldn't even acknowledge my presence. I was basically invisible to her. And to be confronted with that day after day after day after day, was really heavily weighing on me. And because I'm a Christian, I spent also a lot of time in the bible praying to God, literally crying out to God, “Please help. Please heal.” And it was torture. It felt like a living hell for a year.

[16:02] Pei: Wow.

[16:02] Daniel J Lewis: That's how long this lasted for me. A year. I would have my up days, but more often than not, I'd have down days. It could be as simple as just hearing a song, or seeing something in a TV show or movie, and I could break down into crying and depression again. And that's when I also started to see aspects of my fitting in with that company where I had thought that was dream job where I would be for the rest of my life. Certain aspects of that were in a way taken away. I know that they had a lot that they had to deal with too. Recognizing that I was a valuable employee but here is this problem between two employees and the boss was involved too in this. And so it was really complicated and messy and that kind of stuff just is not easy to deal with. So there were certain responsibilities that in one way was kind of due to a restructuring of things that they did and in another way, I can tell that they just pretty much decided, “We don't want Daniel associated with this anymore.” So certain things were taken away. I was shifted around to… I was actually moved, my desk was moved so that she wouldn't have to see me every time that she walked to a staff meeting in the morning. And a lot of awkwardness, a lot of pain just day after day after day for a year.

[17:32] Pei: Wow! When we talk about… A lot of times when we are dealing with loss, I mean, this is not just the loss of a significant relationship, but also friendship and work relationship that's…

[17:48] Joel: Well, he lost a part of himself.

[17:50] Daniel J Lewis: Yeah.

[17:51] Pei: Yeah.

[17:52] Joel: During that and that's a grieving process that follows you around. So Daniel thank you by the way. That means tremendous… That means so much to Pei and I that you would just bare your soul and heart to us on the ReLaunch show, and we take that seriously. So thank you for your trust and your confidence. I'm curious about that… What was the hardest part of your recovery? If we can fast forward a little bit, as the rebuilding started and continues? Because we're all works in progress, but do you wanna add on to that, Pei?

[18:36] Pei: Yeah, I guess at this point of you sharing your story, you moved to a different company and then the healing started?

[18:46] Joel: I was still in the same company, and I remained in that company for a few more years, actually.

[18:51] Joel: Wow!

[18:51] Pei: Wow!

[18:52] Joel: Okay, okay.

[18:54] Daniel J Lewis: Yeah, so it was just day after day. And the hardest thing to work through this was letting go and moving on. That was so hard, because if I was in a different company or if I lived somewhere else away, then it could have been easier where I wouldn't have been seeing her almost every single day…

[19:14] Pei: Right!

[19:14] Joel: And being confronted with my failure almost every single day. And really, I'm not gonna try to get preachy here, I'm just being transparent, authentic… But if it wasn't for my faith in God, if it wasn't for my relationship with God, I could not have made it through… I don't know where I would be, because it was just… I bought a new Bible around that time, and I was reading Psalms and Proverbs and different passages of scripture, like the whole books. And I would mark sections of the Bible that just really spoke out to me and I really grasped, “Wow, God knows exactly where I am. God cares where I am. And God absolutely answers prayer, but he doesn't always answer it in the way I want him to answer it.”


[20:08] Joel: Amen to that!

[20:09] Pei: Or when you want it answered.

[20:11] Daniel J Lewis: Yes.

[20:12] Joel: Right, exactly. He's got his own timetable. And you know what, sometimes he consults me but most of the time he doesn't. [laughter] That is so annoying, by the way. [laughter]

[20:21] Pei: So Daniel, I'm curious now… This has been years after you left that relationship and left that company now. So looking back, do you start to know why God put you through that time? Sometimes we… We all then know, sometimes it takes decades for us to have that “Aha.”

[20:46] Joel: Well that's a pretty gutsy question. Yeah, go ahead. Go ahead, Daniel, if you're gonna take it.

[20:52] Daniel J Lewis: I think… Well, for one thing, I know a lot of people ask, “Why did God let this happen?” In this case, why this happened was because of my own failure. I caused this to happen. I know that, I'm not gonna blame it on God. Why did God let it happen, or what did God teach me through it is the thing that's better to understand.

[21:14] Joel: Right, right.

[21:14] Daniel J Lewis: And for me, it was on the other side of this, it helped me to understand the ugliness of sin to God even more, and to understand things like how God always does answer prayer, just not the way that we plan. And to realize how important, and this can apply to anyone even if you don't have a relationship with God, but how important it is to be honest and to build and maintain trust with others, and that when you damage that trust, it takes time. And trust is the most important thing to have in relationships, and it comes through in your communication, in your… Every aspect of your friendship.

[22:00] Pei: I truly, totally agree with that.

[22:04] Joel: You know, Daniel, you and I met each other face-to-face at the Social Media Marketing World, 2015, and a lot of exciting and fun things happened at that conference. I attended your session, it was great. I sat next to Mark Ekdahl and some other good friends of mine, and the whole event was great, but you know what the most memorable event of that whole experience was for me?

[22:33] Daniel J Lewis: What was that?

[22:33] Joel: It was that time when you and I were hanging out in the lobby, and you didn't know me and I didn't really know that much about you, other than that I wanted us to become friends. I wanted to get to know you a little bit. And when you and I just kind of… I don't wanna say we snuck off because there was no sneaking involved, we just kind of found an empty table at the hotel restaurant and then we just kinda sat down and hung out. But right when we were served our food, and we were just chatting and then you kind of just excused yourself from the conversation that we were having, and then you started to pray quietly to yourself, and I looked at you and I don't remember what I said, but I said, “Hey Daniel, include me. I wanna be in on this with you.” Because that is a statement of my faith, and kind of the way we roll. And then how you included me in that conversation that you were having, you and God. That was incredible for me, and that just… We have now developed a closer friendship and an ongoing relationship, but that, I think was the most memorable part of that whole experience. So thank you. You may not have even realized that, but that meant a lot.

[23:56] Daniel J Lewis: You're very welcome.

[23:58] Joel: So if we fast forward a little bit and we talk about the learning experiences that you've had from that and you've kind of already shared that as well. Then of course you've… How long have you been married? ‘Cause you've just met, alright, I shouldn't say ‘just' but catch us up to speed today if you would.

[24:18] Daniel J Lewis: Yeah. I think we need to lift up from that dark point. And lemme share kind of how I got to today.

[24:25] Joel: Yeah, yeah.

[24:25] Daniel J Lewis: A little bit from that. It was about a year later. One of the things I was praying is, “God, please either repair this relationship or let me see her move on. And somehow let me see that.” She blocked me from Facebook, block from everything but I just wanted to somehow see. And through mutual relationship I did learn that about a year later, she had completely moved on and she was starting another relationship. So there was a part of me that was happy because, “Okay, I'm glad that this person I cared deeply about at one point, is able to move on and find happiness with someone else.”

[25:06] Daniel J Lewis: And at the same time I felt like it released me as well to do the same thing because I was the one holding out hope that we could somehow get back together. Hoping that she would come back to me and say, “I forgive you.” Something like that. That didn't happen. But when I saw that, yes there was a little bit of a struggle but I finally could… Keep move on with it because I finally realized, “She is in another relationship. I don't wanna mess that up. I'm now free to pursue something else.” So there were a few more months of sometime of I just still recovering from that but knowing, “I can move on. I'm free to move on. I have freedom to look for someone else. To try to meet someone else. To ask God to bring someone else into my life.”

[25:52] Joel: Did you find comfort in praying in for her, your ex-girlfriend, for her happiness and well being and safety and things to that nature?

[26:06] Daniel J Lewis: I did because it made it more than just myself. “God please bring back this girl that I liked because I want her back.” But it was, “God also please heal her. Please allow her to move on whether it will be with me or someone else.” Now, I think that was a good focus for me that it wasn't all then about me but about someone else.

[26:25] Joel: Can I share with you a story?

[26:26] Pei: I know exactly what you are gonna say.

[26:28] Joel: Yeah, yeah for sure.

[26:29] Pei: That reminded me of… Yeah.

[26:30] Joel: Yeah. I won't go into all the details but from the time I was six to the time I was about 13, my mother lived… She brought into her home, to live with her an abusive boyfriend who was ugly in many, many ways. And I go into detail in the ‘Finding Your Voice' books so if people are interested can definitely read the book. But I carried that hatred and anger with me for a long time and it wore on me tremendously. And as you probably found out as you were moving through your own grieving period, that it took my energy, it took my spiritual strength and it took a lot of my gumption. My persistence.

[27:24] Joel: And went to go visit my pastor one time in his office, Ricky Texada is his name. Pei and I go to Covenant Church. We actually met at church 15 years ago. And pastor Ricky said, “Here is what I want you to do Joel, I want you to write a letter to Doyle”, his first name was Doyle, my mom's ex-boyfriend, “And I want you to write out a prayer for him. I mean, pray for his financial increase. For the health and welfare of his family and the peace that they come to in their family. Well wishes basically for them, but be specific.” And he said, “I want you to read whatever you write for 21 days. For three weeks and see what happens.” And you know what? For 21 days, Daniel, and I missed one or two days but not many, I read that. I looked myself in the mirror and I read that over and over again. And the first couple of times it was almost like kind of eating brussels sprouts.


[28:29] Joel: You try to smile but you're not really smiling. But it wasn't quite like that but good visual huh? [chuckle] But in that time period, transformations happened in our life. I have no idea what's happening in his life and still wish him well. But you know what? I arrived at an area of peace that I believe you can relate or arrived yourself at a similar area where it's like, “You know what? It's okay. I am free now to continue to build my business. I am free now to continue to build my relationship with Pei, my church friends, my community members, so forth.” And it was freeing for me. So I can completely relate with that story. Okay, maybe not completely because I wasn't there but I can relate to a strong degree of the story you are sharing so thank you for that. Do you have something Pei that you wanted to… Did I wrap it up very well? Did I say it okay?

[29:34] Pei: Yes.

[29:35] Joel: Okay. So yeah, go ahead Daniel.

[29:38] Daniel J Lewis: So when I had finally moved on from this and was starting to enjoy life again, but at the same time there was still this awkwardness with work but in my mind, I kind of felt like, “I'm gonna hold this out and just be strong from this even though I'm confronted still almost on a daily basis and some things are still awkward at work, I'm just gonna press through this, let this make me stronger.” And was really just learning to enjoy life again and learning to appreciate the relationships I still had and relationships that had been significantly strengthened through the encouragement and through that time. And it was then about five months after that. So, after I finally felt like I was free. About five or six months after that was when this revival team was coming through my church, and there were several young men and young ladies in this team, and one of them was this beautiful singer up on the stage, and leading the workshop during this. I noticed her, you know, like you do. And, but I thought “Ah, a girl like her in a great ministry like this, she probably has a friend, a boyfriend, somewhere else or a fiance or something”, and didn't really think much of it.

[31:01] Daniel J Lewis: And due to some social interactions a little bit during that week, we ended up connecting on Facebook, and a month later, started chatting online on Facebook just randomly out of the blue, and then started chatting more. Then start texting, then start talking on the phone. Then start Skyping, then start video chatting. Then I called her dad and said, “I really like your daughter. May I have your permission to date her?” So, we started dating long-term… Long distance. Well, it was long-term, but…


[31:32] Joel: Turned out that way.

[31:34] Daniel J Lewis: Yeah. Long distance relationship, and I discovered that with this woman who is now my wife Jenny, I discovered with her I don't feel like I have to be someone else. I don't feel like I have to try to overcome impressions from other people or anything like that. I can be myself. I can be authentic and transparent with her, and that is okay. I realized I didn't get that with the other relationship.

[32:05] Pei: Wow.

[32:06] Daniel J Lewis: At the same time, I was continuing on in my job at the organization and realizing… I started looking around at that point, so this is somewhere in late 2009, mid to late 2009, I was realizing there's not really much more for me here in this ministry. I thought this is where I would be for the rest of my life, but I've accomplished all of my goals. In fact, I've accomplished the goals that some people in the beginning said were impossible for me to accomplish. I accomplished them with God's help. I did these things that I dreamed of doing. I accomplished all of these dreams. Now what? I enjoyed doing design work, and I enjoyed the people that I was still working with, but just felt like I was drifting a little bit. Suffering a little bit from burn out and a loss of passion, and also just realizing I didn't have another goal to go for.

[33:05] Joel: So, in 2010, my wife and I were engaged in… Yeah, in early 2010, and a conversation in I think May 2010, my then fiancee challenged me, and Jenny said, “What do you think about maybe a year from now, you should launch your own business? Become an entrepreneur?” And because I was already talking about some of those ideas because I liked freelancing. I liked the idea of picking which clients I worked for, and setting my own schedule, and learning at my own pace. All of these freedoms that come along with entrepreneurships and freelancing. And so we set a goal, she challenged me to set this goal that a year from then, I would have launched my own business. And it was in 2010 that I launched my podcast, The Audacity to Podcast, just because I felt like I have something to say in this space. I wasn't trying to copy someone else, but I just felt like I have a unique perspective to bring. I want to share that perspective with the world. I don't know where this will go, but I just wanna put my voice out there.

[34:16] Daniel J Lewis: And that's when that piece came in. The podcast was the missing piece for me, that this podcast could help me to launch my new business. Could help me to really relaunch my dreams, and discover new dreams 'cause this podcast for me was a way of marketing my expertise. People were asking to hire me to do things for them. And initially I was thinking I would be a designer, but since then I've pushed the design aspects of my business out, and now refer that to other people, and now I focus specifically on helping people to launch and improve their podcasts. But it was after 10 years. I did survive for another four years, I believe, after that horrible time period.

[35:04] Daniel J Lewis: I did make it for another couple or a few years in the organization. Made it to my 10 year anniversary, and then a few months later, gave my two weeks notice. And it was about a year after my then fiancee and I had set that goal that I was full-time self employed, and I had relaunched. I had new goals, a new vision, a new dream of where I wanted to be. What direction I wanted to take. What kind of business I wanted to be doing, and it was a new dream that would, yes, have all kinds of complications and hardships with it. But one that I felt would support my marriage instead of cause issues in my marriage. Or would give me more energy for putting into my marriage instead of coming home drained and having no energy left for my marriage.

[35:57] Joel: I love that.

[35:58] Pei: And I remember earlier you mentioned you always dreamed about being a speaker, and now you are.

[36:05] Daniel J Lewis: Yeah, I did public speaking for that ministry, and that was a great thing. That was the impossible thing that some people said “No, I don't think you'll be able to do it.” I did get to do it for a couple years, and now I'm a public speaker to even larger groups of people, and I'm doing some really fun things, and what's even been a little ironic is at one of the recent events, one of my former co-workers was there to learn from me in my session.

[36:35] Pei: Oh!

[36:39] Daniel J Lewis: [chuckle] And that was a fun little thing. Not quite like a “See, I told you so,” or “Don't you miss having me working for you?”


[36:46] Joel: I appreciate you sharing that, and that's sometimes the way it works.

[36:50] Pei: Wow!

[36:50] Joel: Couple of key points that he said is when he was with his, now wife, he didn't feel like he needed to be on, or he didn't need to put on a show. He was just being Daniel. And when you get in a relationship that is where you need to be, I personally believe that this has been my experience, Pei.

[37:13] Pei: Awww!

[37:16] Joel: That that's the way it should be. You should feel like you can be yourself with your own flaws and blemishes and hang-ups, 'cause we all have them. But when you're with the right person, you have that peace and that comfort. Also, when you're with the right partner, at least this has been our experience, Pei, and it sounds like this with Daniel's experience as well, is that one partner will challenge the other person, not just blindly nod their head back and forth. Would you agree with that, Daniel?

[37:52] Daniel J Lewis: Oh yeah. And that was something that was missing in the other relationship, and in this relationship… And it's not really this comparison, but just to realize how right this relationship is for me and how much of a good area this is for growth, for maturity, for spiritual growth, for a mental and emotional growth, and all kinds of better things coming from having a good, wise relationship.

[38:19] Joel: Indeed. We're gonna have to have you back on, Daniel, 'cause there are just so many rich nuggets that you're sharing with us here, but of course we're gonna have all of the social media hotspots and the places to go in the broadcast show notes that are included with this episode, but how many… So how many podcasts do you have out right now? Audacity to Podcast, I know that's one of them.

[38:43] Daniel J Lewis: Yeah, I have personally hosted a few podcasts. I have my own network called Noodlemx Network at noodle.mx, and it has my own podcasts and others, so I have personally hosted the Audacity to Podcast, about podcasting; The Ramen Noodle… A clean comedy podcast; Once… Which is a podcast about the TV show Once Upon a Time; and then a spin-off show called Wonderland, about the spin-off TV show Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. I also was the host for a while of the podcast Are You Just Watching, which I've then passed on to the co-host, and that was about Christian critical thinking and movie reviews, and then I also do a sort of video podcast with more podcasting tips that I call Podcasting Video Tips. So that's five or six podcasts I've personally hosted myself. Right now today though, I primarily host the Audacity to Podcast and our Once Upon a Time podcast and the clean comedy is coming back later this year.

[39:38] Joel: Fantastic. We're gonna have all the links included in the notes that go with this episode.

[39:45] Pei: Definitely. Just go to joelboggess.com/341. 341.

[39:52] Joel: Fantastic. 341. We'll do it. Daniel J. Lewis, always a pleasure. Thank you so much for being on the show today. I am going to see you, and Pei will get to meet you personally, at Podcast Movement 2015, and as today we are recording this on June 30th, it is one month to the day when Pei and I do the workshop as part of the kick-off day for the Podcast Movement event, so we're looking forward to that, and we are looking forward to meeting you. I guess I'll be seeing you again, and Pei will be meeting you, so we look forward to it Daniel, and you're welcome back here on ReLaunch any time, my friend.

[40:32] Daniel J Lewis: Thank you very much. It's been a pleasure.

[40:34] Joel: Have a wonderful rest of your day, and thank you for your time.

[40:38] Daniel J Lewis: You're welcome.

Connect with Daniel on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and his website.

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