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I remember the first time I met Joel Boggess in Franklin, TN at the '48 Days' compound. He showed up with 50 other people who were interested in self-employment. He joined our community and became one of the more persistent people I've ever known. He always showed up, he always asked questions and he always took action on what he learned.

Today he's full time self-employed, doing what he loves, with a book and TV interviews and a growing audience of people he influences.

Every day I feel less and less clarity on ‘having everything figured out.' But I can show up, ask questions and implement something. Joel inspires me, and his story will inspire you.

Here are some highlights from the show:

* He hung up his tie at Morgan Stanley on 11/30/06.
* He realized he spent all his time creating wealth for other people.
* Hey wanted to discover how he could work in a way that supported them financially, personally and spiritually.
* Serving his primary target market bring out ‘the best coach in me.'

Quotable quotes from Joel:

* “It takes a lot of energy to run from who you are.”
* “Surrender to who you are, and surrender to who you are NOT.”

Joel is currently working on:

* His next book, “Speak To Me,”
* A seminar series with his wife Pei, “Embracing Your Uniqueness & Finding Your Voice.”

Joel Boggess

Keynote Speaker | Corporate Trainer | Award-winning podcaster I help teams ignite their courage, take bolder steps, and get greater results. Together, we create possibilities that bring empowerment, meaning, and financial impact.

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  1. Jeremy Santy on June 13, 2011 at 4:13 pm

    Excellent information in this podcast episode. Thanks for sharing your knowledge Joel! 

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