497 Getting Past Dyslexia, Bullying, and Life-threatening Illnesses – Geoff Nicholson

What you will hear in our discussion with Geoff Nicholson:

  • A child's dyslexia struggle
  • Near death with viral meningitis
  • Suicide recovery from a child's voice
  • Overcoming chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Recovery from severe depression
  • A change in mindset

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More about our featured guest Geoff Nicholson

Geoff lives in the North East of England with his wife, two sons and their labrador. Geoff works with entrepreneur and other high achievers all over the world supporting them in developing a success mindset which increases their resilience and performance, allowing them to live more authentically and purposefully so they can achieve the best version of themselves. 

Connect with Geoff on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and his website.

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  1. Michael McClure on July 25, 2016 at 7:59 pm

    Wonderful episode! So appreciate Geoff’s transparency and honesty. This openness allowed me to relate what he said directly to my own experience and find a certain inner application. As an information junkie I consume a lot of podcast content and usually I listen, absorb, reflect, and consider if what I’m hearing applies and decide later what action I might take. Sometimes I just mark it for future review, sometimes I follow guest links for more info, sometimes I try to connect directly, sometimes I take some notes and allow the content to inform and influence other insights I’m exploring at the time, and on rare occasions I find immediate application. But every once in a while I do all of the above. This was the case today as I drove to work for my first day back from a particularly enjoyable vacation. I’m grappling with a pivotal mindset shift right now and Geoff’s experience is profoundly encouraging. And, as always, so was Joel’s.

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