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What you will hear in our discussion with Joe Calloway:

  • The most powerful but overlooked advantage in business
  • The 3 things you have to get right every time – with every customer
  • The Art of Attracting Business
  • Want New Customers? Got to Listen
  • Why Some Biz Struggle? The Foundation of a Successful Biz

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More about our featured guest Joe Calloway

Joe Calloway is a business author, consultant, and speaker who helps leaders, owners, and entrepreneurs improve performance and grown their businesses. Joe is the Executive in Residence at Belmont University’s Center for Entrepreneurship, and he lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife and their daughters.


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[00:00] Joel: As promised, one of the best speakers in the business today. He's spoken on the global stage and has worked with companies and brand names that we all know, like and trust. Brands like Coca-Cola, IBM, Cadillac and American Express. In his book ‘Becoming a Category of One,' gosh it has become like a text book for me when it comes to rising above the noise and setting myself apart as a speaker, as a launch consultant and also as a confidence coach. In his latest book, and it is available today, is the perfect next piece in his series, ‘Magnetic: The Art of Attracting Business.' And of course I'm talking about the one and only, the incredible Joe Calloway. Joe, how the heck are you?

[00:53] Joe Calloway: I'm good. I just want to take you around with me to introduce me everywhere to everybody.


[01:00] Pei: You know he'll do it too.

[01:02] Joel: Oh yeah, absolutely. Are you kidding?

[01:03] Joe Calloway: I just gotta scrape up the money to afford him Pei.

[01:07] Joel: Me getting to hang around with Joe Calloway at every little… At every place and every company he speaks, that would be phenomenal. You know Joe… Go ahead.

[01:18] Pei: You know, Joe, can I say something?

[01:19] Joel: Of course.

[01:20] Pei: We work together for so much that occasionally we do have to… It's best for us to separate for a couple of days. I'll let you know, I think every month you can take him for a couple of days.

[01:31] Joe Calloway: A couple of days. There you go. That may be a good idea.

[01:34] Joel: So after we do the recording, you and Joe can coordinate calendars and such, and I'll just kinda go with whatever because…

[01:42] Joe Calloway: We'll work it out.

[01:43] Joel: Okay. Okay. Well, Joe, this show, it's highly practical because it is all about the relaunch and specifically how people do it. And what we usually do, and you know, Joe, you've been on the guest on the show before, we usually ask our guests to zero in on the launch or the relaunch that has been the most significant or the most transformational for them and then we just kind of unfold the story from there. And we've actually had you on, gosh, two, maybe even three times and you've kind of told your relaunch story before. And oh, by the way it's available at joelboggess.com/40 to get the back story on Joe. But if it's okay with you I'd like to go ahead and then jump just right into the practically of ‘Magnetic,' is that cool?

[02:34] Joe Calloway: That's totally cool. Let's go.

[02:35] Joel: Fantastic. Well, earlier in the show before we brought you in, I promised that we would get you to talk about a few things, like the most powerful force in business, the most overlooked advantage in business and also the three things that you have to get right with every single customer every single time. There's vital information that you cover in ‘Magnetic.' But before we get into the nuts and bolts of that, Joe, why did this particular book need to be the next step for you in your series?

[03:10] Joe Calloway: It came from listening to my customers. I listen to the marketplace and with the businesses that I worked with and probably over half of them are relatively small businesses. Entrepreneurial businesses, but then I've also got a lot of corporate clients too.

[03:26] Joel: Sure.

[03:26] Joe Calloway: But the one thing that kept coming up over and over and over from these clients was, “We need to know how to grow our business. We need to know how to get more customers. We need to know a way to continue to sustain our success and not lose momentum.” And so, that was the spark that got me to… I actually developed the live program first and then I wrote the book and now the two kind of worked in tandem, but it was absolutely purely from listening to what my clients and customers said was their greatest need which was “How do I grow my business, how do I sustain the success I've achieved?”

[04:09] Pei: Can I say something?

[04:10] Joel: Sure.

[04:12] Pei: I totally agree with that 'cause I was talking to a couple, as many of our listener know I'm a dentist, so I was talking to two top dental… Dentist coaches not too long ago, and they researched that there are many concerns or questions dentists have, but the top one is how do I get new patients? How do we get new customers?

[04:43] Joe Calloway: And what's interesting, Pei, is that it's true for a dental practice, for a hospital, it's true in retail, in business to business, it's true for non-profits. It's fascinating how the business of non-profit is a very competitive business. And so, they're looking…

[05:05] Pei: What about if they…

[05:05] Joe Calloway: How do they grow their support?

[05:08] Pei: Is it true for big and small, I mean as far as…

[05:12] Joe Calloway: Everybody.

[05:13] Pei: Love it. Okay.

[05:14] Joel: See, this is empowering, Joe, and I'm glad that you're starting the discussion this way because I think some business owners and entrepreneurs sometimes think that, “Okay, but my business is different,” or “But my situation in the business is different,” and while we all have different situations, different circumstances with our business and what we do, what you're basically saying is the fundamentals of attracting business and sustaining a business are the same whether you're doing root canals like my wife does, selling tires like they do at Discount Tire and other places. Or bringing in accounts at your local bank, yes?

[06:04] Joe Calloway: Yeah. As a matter of fact, I say in the book, very specifically I say early on, I think it's in the first chapter, I say, “Every business is different.” And you are exactly right. I hear that. Everybody I work with says, “You know, our business is different.” And that's true, it is. And every business is the same, in some fundamental aspects again, whether you're talking about in health care, in… I'll go back to non-profit, certainly in the for-profit world. And one of those fundamentals that we all share is we all have customers, regardless of what you call your customers, we've all got customers. And if we're gonna survive and certainly if we're gonna thrive, then we've got to constantly relaunch our business, our endeavors in order to keep that customer base loyal, keep it growing. That's the only way you can stay in business.

[07:00] Joel: Well, this is a brilliant book. Talking about ‘Magnetic: The Art of Attracting Business.' And one of the reasons that it's a brilliant book is because this book actually documents the relaunch, if you will, of the way business is done. And one of the things that you say right at the… Right, one of the things that you say, Joe, that really hit me, you said it right at the beginning of the book, you said that, “Social media in all of its glory is wonderful for spreading messages and words and communicating with people and things of that nature, but while a lot of entrepreneurs spend time and worry about what they need to say on social media, what's really important,” and this is what got me, Joe, is “Not what I say on social media, but what other people say about me and my business on social media.”

[07:50] Joe Calloway: Exactly.

[07:51] Joel: So yeah… Go ahead.

[07:52] Joe Calloway: Well, what you do on social media, ‘you' meaning all of us, is a very important part of the mix. To repeat what you just said and really emphasize it, what you, what any of us say about ourselves on social media absolutely pales in importance and significance compared to what other people, primarily people that have done business with us, it's what they say about us that is the influencer. It's like, it's all well and good to have advertising, advertising can be part of the mix, but your advertising doesn't… Oh… It even come close to the power of what the marketplace says about you. So this book is about harnessing the power of what your customers say about you to other people. And that's what creates the magnetism that draws new customers to you. Actually, it's your customers that are driving new customers to you. And so, that's really what it's about.

[08:58] Joel: And that was another eye opener for me, because I'm an extroverted guy kinda like you and I love gathering people together and then making new relationships, new connections, new friendships. But one of the things that you outlined that again hit close to home for me is you talked about how it's not all about grabbing people, which is something that happens to come naturally for me, but it's more about nurturing and strengthening the relationships that you already have with the people that you're already doing business because, as you just said, that's the driver for the growth of what it is that we're trying to do.

[09:37] Joe Calloway: The core of your marketing plan, the center of it, the biggest part of it, should be to create great customer experiences. That does more to bring new business to you than anything else can even remotely do. Forbes Magazine really summed it up. They said that, “Positive word of mouth is the single most important buying factor in business.” And it absolutely is. There's no… That's not up for debate. There's no argument about that. The question is, are you gonna be intentional and strategic about creating positive word of mouth? And people say, “Well, what's the shortcut to doing that?” There's not one. There is no shortcut to generating positive word of mouth. You have to do a great job. And so the book is about being really intentional about that and harnessing the power of that.

[10:35] Joel: Well, what's… Go ahead, Pei.

[10:37] Pei: Now I'm curious, so do you feel like… Do you think people most of the time are aware of that or that's starting becoming a lost art in a lot of industries that they start to focus on getting new… Spending lots of money marketing and not as much attention on the real service, just the good old service?

[11:08] Joe Calloway: Yeah. What's happened, and I think it really started happening in a much bigger way because of the recession that started in 2008. And a lot of companies, large and small, started saying, “What's something we can do? What's some… ” For example, Pei, “What's some wow factor that you can get to work for us?” Here's the point that people miss. Buzzers and bells wear off, quality never does. And the single most powerful wow factor out there is to get your customers to say, “Wow, these guys get it right every single time.” You want a wow factor, that's your wow factor.

[11:54] Joe Calloway: And the thing is, I go back to an analogy I've used for years which is people say, “I need to find a cherry to put on top of the cake, that'll attract attention.” If you wanna attract attention make a better cake, make a better cake than anybody else. That's your wow factor, that's your attention getter, and that's what will cause customers to go out and talk about you. It's not about gimmicks, it's about quality, it always is.

[12:22] Joel: You tell a story in one of your other books, Joe it's either, “Being the best in what matters most,” Or, “Category of one.” And it's very, very memorable. And you talk about how it was either you and your wife or somebody that you know, and their wife or their significant other, they went out to a restaurant and…

[12:40] Joe Calloway: It was Annette…

[12:41] Joel: Was it Annette? So was it?

[12:42] Joe Calloway: Yeah.

[12:43] Joel: They served like a stack of onion rings or a salad or something…

[12:49] Joe Calloway: It was the salad. It was a vertical salad. It was like a sky scrapper salad.

[12:56] Joel: Okay. So, what they were looking for is what we wanna have a wow factor, but unfortunately it backfired because… And that was kind of wrestling with this salad just trying to get a meal basically.

[13:11] Joe Calloway: Well, she couldn't figure out how to eat it.

[13:13] Joel: Sure.

[13:14] Joe Calloway: Everybody at the table was amazed and Annette called the waiter over and said, “What's the deal with this three foot tall salad?” And he said, “That's our wow factor.” And she came home and said, she said that what occurred to her was, “Wow, what a stupid salad.” And so, I'm telling you, the pursuit of gimmicks, if you wanna… Listen, here's the thing, don't take your eye off the ball. And it's like there's a chapter in the book that you guys know, my friend Scott McCain, and your friend, Scott McCain. Scott and I do a chapter together. It's an interview that we do, and we… The title of the chapter is that, “Better beats different.” There are so many people that say, “I just need to be different.” Okay? Try this, be better than your competition, that's the ultimate different, is to be better than.

[14:08] Joe Calloway: I mean if you wanna be different wear a funny hat. There's a thousand ways you can be different and it's easy to be different, but being better, that takes some work. It's worth the work though because it pays off, because being better is what not only would get your customers to be more loyal, it's what will get them talking about you and drive more business to you.

[14:30] Joel: Very well said. Got about 10 minutes left in the show, I wanna respect your time Joe, and I wanna respect everyone's time that listens to the show. So, let's talk about the three things that we have to get right every time with every customer, then also the powerful force and the overlooked advantage in business. And obviously we've been kind of touching on many of those things already, so just go right ahead.

[14:54] Joe Calloway: Here's the key to the three things, is you've gotta figure our what they are. I can't tell you what your three things are. Let me give you a couple of examples though. There's an incredibly successful hamburger restaurant chain, their three things are, “We will serve only the freshest, highest quality food.” Which means that if they had a purchasing, if Pei you're the CEO of that restaurant chain and I come to you and say, “Hey, I can save us a lot of money on going to a new vendor for lettuce.” You are automatically gonna say, “Is it the highest quality, freshest lettuce?” And if I say, “Probably not the freshest.” You're gonna say, “Then that's not what we're gonna do.” Because we've decided one of our three things is the highest, freshest quality food.

[15:37] Joe Calloway: Number two, served with the highest quality service, and they know very specifically exactly what that means to them. Number three, served in a spotless, sparkling clean environment. They've decided if they get those three things right, and get them right by everybody in the organization, all day long with every customer, their solid goal, change gears. One of my clients is a shipping firm, a freight line firm, trucking company. Their three things are, and I love this because it's so simple, and that's what makes it so powerful. Three things, number one, pick it up when you said you would. Number two, deliver it when you said you would. Number three, deliver it intact and all there. And I had people say to me, “Joe, my business is very complicated,” and yet when I talk to people that are the market leaders in their market, they invariably say, “At the end of the day this is really a pretty simple business.”

[16:43] Joe Calloway: So you've gotta figure out what your three things are. Mine are, number one, constant focus on product quality and product improvement. And for me it's what I write and what I pass on to my clients. I'm damn near obsessed with product quality. Number two, be incredibly easy to do business with. Number three, immediate, head spinning-ly fast response to customers, potential customers and business partners. You guys do that because we do it with each other. If I ask you a question, your response to me is immediate and I hope that I'm the same with you. If you guys email me, needing something, I get back to you that quick, immediately, and you do the same thing. It's part of my brand, and that by the way is the simple, amazing, overlooked advantage that we're gonna talk about.

[17:43] Joel: Okay. I love how you…

[17:46] Joe Calloway: Immediate response.

[17:47] Joel: Pei, you first.

[17:48] Pei: Yeah, I love this 'cause you depend on the business and depend on their own unique values. They can decide on those three things. But what I love about your writing and your business experiences, you… Because how many corporations you coached and spoke at, you bring in the stories to give us all kinds of ideas so we can actually, by reading your book, figure out what those three are for us.

[18:21] Joel: You know when I wrote…

[18:23] Joe Calloway: I was just gonna say this is probably the most tactical book I've ever written. This book is, it's not just here's the idea, it's here's how to do it, here's how to do it, here's how to do it. And Pei, it's example rich. There're tons of examples.

[18:38] Joel: Very well done. Well, when I was writing ‘Finding Your Voice' book one of the things that I said is, you know what, this book, my book, is not a rule book, but it is a guide book to help people guide themselves through what's true for them, what's spot on for them, what's going to work for them. So, well, when you're talking about, you're going to have to decide for yourself what are your main three things and they're going to be different. There's gonna be a lot of variety depending on what your business is. So, it made me think about, this is a tactical guide book where you have to plug in your own business and your own knowledge and experience to make the engine work.

[19:27] Joe Calloway: Yeah exactly, but it's very much a guide book. It absolutely shows people how to do it every step of the way.

[19:34] Joel: Love it. Okay, so overlooked advantage, powerful force.

[19:40] Joe Calloway: Yeah, here's what it is and people are gonna go, “Wait a minute, that's it, really?” Yeah. That's it. It's what I mentioned earlier, having an immediate response to your customers, prospective customers and business partners. You cannot make people wait, not in today's market place. I was working with a company not too long ago who was very proud of their 24 hour response time. They said, we get back to our customers within 24 hours and I told them, I made them a little mad but I wanted to provoke some thought. I said, “24 hours, okay that wouldn't work with me because of where I live.” and they said, “Where do you live.” and I said, “The 21st century.”


[20:24] Joe Calloway: 24 hours? Are you kidding me? You can't make anybody wait 24 hours anymore. That's way way way way way too long. Here's my question, what could you conceivable be doing that's more important than getting back to a customer? Even if it's to tell the customer, hey I got your email, I got your call, I am about to get on a plane I will get back to you with the answer as soon as I get to San Francisco, although there's now WiFi on planes so there's really no excuse even then. But you have to acknowledge customers, potential customers, and I believe business partners immediately because it's such an advantage just sitting there waiting for you to do it and why people don't take advantage of it absolutely boggles my mind. I can't process it. I don't get it.

[overlapping conversation]

[21:24] Joel: I am sorry, go ahead Joe.

[21:25] Joe Calloway: I was just saying, speed of response to the market place has become a huge factor and there's no reason for anybody not to do it.

[21:34] Joel: Absolutely. So does that tie in to… Is the powerful force and the advantage kind of tied in together because of what you're sharing?

[21:45] Joe Calloway: That's it. That's the most powerful force. That's the overlooked advantage. It's speed in the marketplace. It's not much, and I write about it extensively in the book and explain why it matters so much. As far as how to do it, it's just a matter of doing it. It's a matter of making it a priority.

[22:05] Joel: You're absolutely right. Even if you're in the middle of something and you just need to get back to tell them that you're going to get back, that's gonna be remembered. And you're probably going to hear about that in communication coming back to you like, “Thank you for your speedy response,” or “Thank you for addressing this quickly,” and things of that nature.

[22:32] Joe Calloway: It's one of the three things. It's one of the three most important things we do. We've done it that way for over 30 years. It has probably done more to contribute to our success than any other single tactical thing that we do. You cannot overstate the importance of it in this marketplace. It's huge.

[22:52] Joel: Absolutely. Talking today with Joe Calloway. He's been a friend of the show and a personal friend and a mentor to us for a long long…

[23:02] Pei: Yes. Can I add a comment? I know you're about to wrap the show, but…

[23:06] Joel: You bet, of course.

[23:07] Pei: A lot of our listeners are also authors and podcasters, and the one thing I picked up from Joe that's such a awesome idea for authors too, he didn't just start writing this book, there're are two things he did before he wrote it. One is, he listened to his customers, the people he spoke and coached. And then second, he actually developed a program first and see what works and what questions people have, and then the book is there… Yeah, personally I can't wait to actually begin and maybe it's our homework to find out what's our three.

[23:51] Joel: You know what…

[23:51] Joe Calloway: It's everybody's homework…

[23:52] Joel: I was gonna say…

[23:55] Joe Calloway: If you can't identify the three most important things that you do I would suggest that you're somewhat drifting. And so, it's an incredibly useful exercise for anybody to do, but I think it's the ultimate strategy in terms of growing your business, is to figure out what those three things are, then execute with excellence and do it consistently. It's the most powerful thing you can do.

[24:21] Joel: There's the name of your next keynote, Joe, “The Ultimate Advantage to Growing Your Business.” There you go. So I'm giving you material and giving you killer introductions. I definitely need a raise at some point, at some point.

[24:36] Joe Calloway: Well, you at least need some Starbucks espressos with a hot chocolate…

[24:42] Pei: Hot chocolate, one shot of espresso.

[24:45] Joel: I will tell anyone in earshot that this is a Joe Calloway special when I'm getting my drink. So anyways, Joe, always a pleasure. The name of the book is ‘Magnetic: The Art of Attracting Business.' And of course, I'll have the links to that book and all of the social media hotspots, the go-to places accompanying the blog article, the show notes page that accompanies this episode. And Joe, of course, you are always welcome back here on the ReLaunch show. You've been a tremendous mentor and a friend to us, and we just so much appreciate you and Annette and the girls.

[25:28] Joe Calloway: Well, it's fun to watch your success 'cause you guys are tearing it up with this show, and it's been fun to kind of be over to the side and be along for the ride. It's a wonderful thing what you've accomplished.

[25:40] Joel: Have a wonderful, wonderful rest of your day, Joe. Thank you so much.

[25:43] Joe Calloway: Take care, guys. Take care.

[25:44] Pei: And by the way, an easy link to access this show on our website is joelboggess.com/389, and you can find out the links to Joe's book as well. We definitely gonna get a copy.

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