414 Go Through Tough Times and Win Again – Joel Scrivner

What you will hear in our discussion with Joel Scrivner:

  • What keep us from going after BIG goals
  • You don’t get over it, you get through it
  • Grieving over the loss of a child
  • Hard to stay positive in a tough situation?
  • Before you innovate, you have to imitate

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More about our featured guest Joel Scrivner

s the creator of WINology, Joel has a unique position and expertise in the art of winning. Not only is Joel a 6th degree black belt, six-time national and four time world champion, demonstrating the tenacity and endurance to push forward toward a goal relentlessly to overcome. Joel is also the survivor of the loss of his 18-month-old daughter O'Neal to brain cancer.  After his martial arts career, he dedicated his life to helping people elevate their lives, working both in the non-profit and for-profit sectors as a leadership coach, key note speaker, performance trainer, pastor and author.  Harnessing the character and endurance it takes to become a world-class athlete, Joel translated his journey into his own proprietary system for winning in all areas of life: WINology.  Winning is not only about striving to achieve goals, winning is learning how to resiliently endure, find and push toward a true positive North, even in the midst of excruciating circumstances. Joel's specialty is in creating a contagious culture of winning; an atmosphere of positive belief mixed with strategical tactics and tenacious excellence.  By adhering to the principles of Winolgy, you will not only learn as an individual how to win more, but how to systematically and synergistically work together as a team to create the greatest winning culture imaginable for any organization. 


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Joel Boggess

Keynote Speaker | Corporate Trainer | Award-winning podcaster I help teams ignite their courage, take bolder steps, and get greater results. Together, we create possibilities that bring empowerment, meaning, and financial impact.

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