550 Master Your Mindset – Leslie Zann

What you will hear in our discussion with Leslie Zann:

  • Stop settling for scraps
  • Get past anger
  • Emotional freedom & financial renewal
  • Life after a breakdown & bankruptcy
  • Master your Mindset
  • Self-care for the Entrepreneur

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More about our featured guest Leslie Zann 

Leslie Zann is a master at helping people recognize and discover their true and limitless potential.

With more than two decades in the sales profession, Leslie has developed a unique talent for helping people overcome their potential-stopping “limiting beliefs”.

Leslie is a sought-after international speaker, trainer and sales coach to top sales professionals.

She inspires them to align their vision for success with proven strategies for increasing sales and business development.

Leslie challenges her clients to “be willing to see things differently.”  And in doing so, she challenges them to create unprecedented success with no limits.

We invite you to visit her site at lesliezann.com and become a ZannFan. You’ll receive a complimentary gift titled, Ignite Your Vision … a proven program to help you craft a compelling vision for your business and your life!

Also, visit her facebook site, which is a popular destination for salespeople. Utilize this valuable online resource at: facebook.com/lesliezannconsulting

Connect with Leslie on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and her website.

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