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  • Stuck in Her Job and Sleepless…
  • No Creativity in Your Job?
  • How to Create Your Ideal Business and Life
  • Journey to a Location Free Lifestyle 

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More about our featured guest Carol Wain

Carol Wain improves profit by focusing on the experiences businesses deliver.  She also helps people align their ideal lifestyle with their work to be happier and more productive.  Carol is a leadership consultant, trainer, author, speaker, Entrepreneur of the Year and creator of the F.O.R.C.E. Formula™ for business transformation.

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[00:02] Joel: Welcome to ReLaunch, your daily dose of fresh ideas, inspiring stories and practical solutions to help you build a business and a life that you love. And if you are a daily listener, welcome back to the show. Thank you for tuning in and thank you for joining in the before and the after show online conversations. And if you are new here just know that you are among friends. And here's what you can expect. Unique insights, a-ha moments, and actionable information from self-made successes, as they share their trials, their tribulations and their come-from-behind victories. And joining us on today's show, I don't know if there is a better fit and a better guest to have on today's episode of Relaunch, than the queen of reinvention herself, Carol Wayne, is on today's show. Now, let me tell you a little bit about Carol and then we will bring her to the show. I'm excited about today's episode. Carol is a business transformation consultant. She's an entrepreneur's mentor, and she is a speaker and she helps entrepreneurs in multiple ways take their business idea and concept and transform it into profitability in as quickly and as short of a period of time as possible. We're gonna learn a little bit about that later on in today's show. But first, Carol, welcome, welcome to ReLaunch. Good to have you.

[01:40] Carol Wain: Thanks very much Joel and Peg. I'm so excited to be back here.

[01:44] Joel: This is going to be a blast. We've been looking forward to this, Carol, as well. And you know how this show goes. And how we roll. This show is all about the ReLaunch. And while we've all experienced numerous launches and relaunches throughout our personal and professional life, I generally ask our guests to zero in on the launch or the relaunch that has been the most significant or the most transformational for them. And then just kind of unfold the story from there. And we'll do that with you here, Carol, in just a few minutes if that's okay. But before we do that, I would like to start off the show with a quick piece of take away gold. If you'll just humor me here and hopefully I'm not putting you on the spot. I doubt I am because I know your experience and I know your expertise. So tell me this. In your experience, Carol, what would you say is the most common entrepreneurial block that you've run into in the work that you do with clients? The most common entrepreneurial block. What say you?

[02:51] Carol Wain: I would say it is a sense of personal worth and feeling that whether you're not worthy of achieving whatever it is that you would like to achieve. I've done that myself and I believe that is the hardest thing to also get over, is that sense of worth.

[03:13] Pei: Very interesting.

[03:14] Carol Wain: One of the questions that my coach asked me that really stuck with me was she said, “Carol… ” We were going through a whole bunch of different scenarios. But then she said, “Carol, do you realize that you've already got everything that you need inside you already?” And I went, “Oh. Yeah, I suppose I do.” So it really is the mindset. It's really convincing yourself not to listen to those nasty little voices in your head that are telling you lies and talking to you in ways that you would never let other people speak to you.

[03:51] Joel: Okay. So, what you're saying here is one of the most common entrepreneurial blocks that you've experienced personally and then that you've run into other people experiencing as well that you've helped them through, is that entrepreneurial block of just worthiness and knowing that you are worthy of better things. Better things personally and professionally. Did I get that right?

[04:14] Carol Wain: Absolutely.

[04:14] Joel: Fantastic. Maybe we'll get a chance to visit more on that a little bit later on in today's show. But right now, let's introduce Carol's relaunch. And we've all had, as I mentioned earlier, numerous launches and relaunches, but which one do we need to zero in on for you? Talking about one of the most transformational relaunches that you've experienced. Go right ahead. Help us get started.

[04:42] Carol Wain: All right. As you said, we all go through many relaunches and some of them are huge. Like, leaving a dysfunctional marriage, or quitting your job, or moving or buying a house or whatever. And some of them are more subtle. But, what I'd like to focus on today is my transformation from having a major pity party when my business went down in 2008 and 2009. Now, I'd just like to take a step back, and that is that back in the late 90's I was a miserable employee. I worked for a company that paid well and I was a single mom. So I was really stuck in my job but I hated it. I used to cry on the way to work. I had insomnia. I was miserable. But one of my big relaunches was quitting that job to become an entrepreneur, which is… I knew that I had to be this. This is just… Was my calling. I've been an entrepreneur since I was a kid. With the blessing of my husband, I went to a job share situation and eventually quit my job to start my business.

[05:48] Joel: Okay, let me jump in right there. Thank you so much. That is a perfect example of a relaunch. But let me ask you to kind of break it down a little bit. When we're talking about relaunches, there is a relaunch of choice, and you obviously know what it is to make a choice. You know, you make a choice that I'm going to do something else. I'm going to do something on the side. I'm gonna build up a business, or I'm gonna leave a dysfunctional job or some type of dysfunction. So, there is relaunch of choice. But at what point, Carol, did it become an absolute relaunch of necessity for you? Necessity, in that, this is something you had to do. You had to experience yourself in a different way, and you had to allow other people to experience you in that more powerful version of you. So, at what point did it become a relaunch of necessity?

[06:44] Carol Wain: When I started to see it in my health. When I started to have the insomnia, and I got into a depression, I just… And I was not myself. I was not happy with myself, and I knew I had to change something. So yes, this was a relaunch of choice, definitely. Doesn't make it any less scary, but it was definitely a relaunch of choice.

[07:08] Joel: Choice and necessity because it sounds like the physical symptoms that were kind of turning up in your life or something that, at some point became pretty much unbearable where you had to do something about. Go ahead, Pei.

[07:21] Pei: Well, when we talk about insomnia, I mean… I remember one of the girls I know, that she asked her grandpa actually, “Gosh, what about this job, should I stay?” And her grandpa actually said, “You may not like your boss a 100% a time, but you stay at your job. However, if after work you kind of… It worries you 'cause your stressed, then you need to think about it.” And so, insomnia, how bad did it get till you know this is just too much?

[08:01] Carol Wain: Well, I ended up at the sleep clinic. I live in Canada.

[08:07] Pei: Wow.

[08:08] Carol Wain: And to get referred to a specialist or to something like a sleep clinic takes a long time. When I got referred to the sleep clinic and the next morning, I said, “You know, I didn't sleep at all.” And they said, “Yes, you did.” I realized that there was a lot going on in my head, but I was actually sleeping.

[08:32] Pei: Yeah. So, in hindsight, looking at that experience, people leave their position for different reasons. It could be there's something that they… Like you, you have so many gifts and talents you wanna take to the next level of your life. And then, there is this part that is this specific position you don't enjoy or the people you work with, you didn't enjoy. So, did it all happen or this kind of part of it?

[09:05] Carol Wain: Well, the job that I was in was a very basic job. And then, I'm an entrepreneur and I was working for a Crown corporation. So, I was already like a round peg in a square hole.

[09:15] Joel: Gotcha.

[09:16] Carol Wain: There is no creativity allowed. But, I also want to just jump forward just a little bit and that was… My husband saw this transformation in me. He had only seen me as an employee for this corporation, and he saw a different side of me. He saw a spark, he saw my creativity, he saw my passion. He saw what I was capable of doing. And then when I started to get the results, that's when things really took of. And he has been my strongest supporter from day one, and there is no way I could do what I'm doing if I didn't have him to support me. Financially in the beginning and through the tough times, but also he's there as my biggest cheerleader. And he sits and he listens to me even though he hasn't a clue what I'm talking about, because he's not an entrepreneur.

[10:12] Pei: Yeah.

[10:12] Joel: Yeah. One of the things that Pei and talk about, and we teach about a lot, is one of the ingredients to a successful relaunch is to have those relaunch relationships. Those people that know you, that believe in you, that love you, they support you, and will be on your side even if they don't fully understand what it is that you're trying to accomplish. Or what it is that you're trying to build. Relaunch relationships are key to… Or one of the keys to the success of an entrepreneur. Go ahead, Pei.

[10:48] Pei: I absolutely loved the story of the husband and wife supporting each other, and thank you for sharing that, Carol.

[10:55] Joel: We don't know anything about that, Pei.


[10:57] Pei: What's interesting is, a lot of times people think they both gotta be entrepreneurial to support each other. And what I caught in what you said, is your husband's actually… Did I hear that right? He's not entrepreneurial, but he supports you and almost like pushes you to the next level?

[11:19] Carol Wain: Absolutely. There is some people who are entrepreneurial, and I don't think you can break those people. They have to go their own way. They have to show their creativity. They have to do things, and it comes from deep inside them. There are other people like my husband who is very happy to get up, go to his work, and leave his work. He's got that line, when he is at work, and he leaves it when he comes home. And then, he goes on to his other hobbies or projects or whatever. So, he's really good at drawing that line between those sides of his life. So, it's very good for me, who can be way up in the clouds and always thinking 10 miles up, you know? To have him be my anchor to pull me back down and go, “All right. How about… ”

[12:13] Joel: Sure. Sure. Got a lots more to cover and, gosh, time is never as… It goes quick on this show. You told me or you told us, rather, about some of the things that he saw in you when you started to make this relaunch in your life. It sounds like it was an emotional relaunch, but definitely a professional relaunch as well. What are some of the things, Carol, that you learned about yourself? What are some of the things that you saw about your potential, your possibilities, and your worthiness? What do you think?

[12:48] Carol Wain: But you know, I created a business in an industry that I only just heard about, about two months before. And so, I taught myself everything about this industry, it's called the incentive industry. And we work with corporations to improve their employee engagement and their customer experience and so on. So, I'm selling B-to-B. I had to teach myself everything about that industry. And the really good part about that is that I had no preconceived notions about what this industry was all about. I was able to be very creative and find unique ways of doing things. And I built this business up and became entrepreneur of the year in 2003. It was really, really cool to keep pushing myself to learn more, to try this, to fail, and to be okay at failing.

[13:44] Joel: Well, let me ask you this. I appreciate you sharing that by the way. Were there some bad habits or were there some wrong information that you had, that you had to either just kinda wade through or, if they were bad habits, just had to break in your experience?

[14:03] Carol Wain: Do you know, I… Joel, I probably have more bad habits than I have good habits.


[14:09] Joel: You and me both.

[14:11] Pei: At least we're honest, right?

[14:12] Joel: Yeah, at least we're honest today.

[14:15] Carol Wain: And so, I would find that I would allow myself to be so creative that I lost that balance that I had before, about being strategic and being focused. To me, that's probably the biggest bad habit that I have right now, is to reign myself in, to make sure that my creativity does not impact my profitability.

[14:41] Joel: Okay. What a… This is a perfect segue because people that listen to the relaunch show, they have three general struggles. You know, people that listen to the show, they struggle with information overload, like many of us do these days. They struggle with time management. There's nothing new there. And then, they also struggle with direction, or what I have is shiny object syndrome.

[15:06] Pei: And many of our listeners are very passionate and creative.

[15:10] Joel: Exactly. Exactly. So how did you, from a practical standpoint, learn how or remind yourself to reign yourself in, to put the blinders on when you needed to? And to laser lock your vision so you could focus, so that you could not get distracted or fall for information overload? Because there's always more information. I mean, there's no shortage of new things we that can learn. Bu, t how did you do it from your perspective?

[15:47] Carol Wain: The first thing I did was I unsubscribed from nearly all the newsletters that I had signed up for. Because I found that I was spending hours a day going through my email inbox with newsletters and promotional emails. And then saying to myself, “Oh, I really should take this 'cause I don't know enough about this yet.” And as soon as I unsubscribed from all of those newsletters, then that frees up your mind as well as your time. When you say to yourself, “I don't need to be on that person's list,” unless, of course, it's your list and my list, right? When you say that, you know the world doesn't fall apart, and it gives you so much more time to focus on your own stuff, instead of focusing on what other people are trying to sell you.

[16:39] Joel: Fantastic. Unsubscribing from lists, that is a great tip right there. Just don't unsubscribe from mine or Carol's, right?

[16:48] Carol Wain: That's right. Because we've got lots of great information and practical tips.

[16:53] Joel: Absolutely. But, you know, in realities… The reality check is to really go through what you receive on a ongoing basis with a fine tooth comb.

[17:06] Pei: Yeah, yeah. And I think you also mentioned this in the beginning too, that feeling of I haven't learned enough. There's something out there I need to know before I could. You know, that mindset or lack of confidence drive us to be the collector of information and knowledge.

[17:28] Pei: That's right. And that's what I found, was that I was not doing. I wasn't taking action and as soon as I said, “Forget it. I'm not doing this anymore.” That's when I started to act and that's when things actually started to change.

[17:44] Joel: Go ahead.

[17:45] Pei: No, it's okay.

[17:46] Joel: Okay. Great. Okay, so one more tip, if you would please, and then we're going to kinda start circling in for a landing here. A tip for dealing with information overload, time management, and direction. Common struggles that many of us have in addition to our passion and to our creativity. So, one more tip, Carol, if you would.

[18:10] Carol Wain: Become very, very clear on what you want from your life. Be so clear that you could tell a movie director and an actor how to reenact your ideal day. Be so clear on that, and then make sure every decision you make is putting you toward that goal, to that vision, to that ideal day.

[18:31] Joel: Okay, fantastic. So how did you do it? How did you do it for yourself? Did you, like you've mentioned, just get clear on the ideal day? Did you develop increased clarity on the kind of life that you and your husband wanted to live?

[18:51] Carol Wain: Absolutely.

[18:51] Joel: Okay.

[18:52] Carol Wain: Yeah, I did. So I started by writing it out, what I wanted and what I didn't want for my life. And I did that quite a few years ago. Then I did the ideal lifestyle. And mine I…


[19:04] Carol Wain: We don't have time to go over it, but let's just say that there is a lot of travel and a lot of freedom in my ideal lifestyle. And then I got very clear… And then I read it out loud to myself while I recorded, so that I could see if there was any little twitches or any areas within this ideal lifestyle that wasn't actually landing for me, I wasn't believing in myself. And I fixed it. So now my ideal lifestyle, I have recorded it and I can say it with full sense of worthiness that this is where I'm headed.

[19:41] Pei: So, can you, kind a summarize it for us? I'm curious what is… At this stage of… At this season of Carol's life, what is your ideal?

[19:51] Carol Wain: Do you know what? It is a location independent lifestyle. My ideal day, actually, takes place in Tuscany, but we are starting by selling our home. We've sold our home, we've sold our rental property, we bought a 38 foot fifth wheel, which we are currently renovating to make it more into a home. And at the end of this month, we are starting our location independent lifestyle, with me going to Jamaica for a month and then my husband will join me. And then when we come back, we start our life on the road.

[20:27] Pei: So, earlier you were just talking about how much your husband loves to go to his corporate position and come home and totally separate his work and his home life. So, he's… It sounds like he's joining you in this new venture… Adventure.

[20:47] Carol Wain: He is. And perhaps the biggest challenge for us in this transition, was to figure out what Steve would do. Because Steve does have different interests than I do, he's got different skills. He's fantastic in areas that I am very weak in.


[21:05] Carol Wain: So, we had to figure out what he was going to do, because he couldn't just come along with me for the ride. That would not last. So what he's doing is he's learning to be a better photographer and videographer. He is going to take the videos of our journey and for the marketing services that I sell.

[21:24] Pei: Awesome.

[21:24] Joel: Oh, that will be exciting. And Pei and I love it when people come together, combine their strengths, talents, and interests and use it to further their business and to push their business forward. Talking with Carol Wayne today, business transformation consultant and entrepreneurs' mentor. And, Carol, of course we're going to include all of the social media hotspots and places to go in the blog article… On the blog article, rather, that accompanies this episode. And we just so much appreciate your time with us on the Relaunch show today, and sharing a little bit of your story and giving some wonderful, wonderful tips. We appreciate your time. Thank you so much, Carol, for being on today's show.

[22:19] Carol Wain: Thank you, Pei, and thank you, Joel.

[22:21] Joel: Have a wonderful day.

[22:22] Pei: Thank you.

[22:22] Carol Wain: All right, bye-bye.

[22:23] Joel: Bye. Thanks so much for tuning in. You can also access our show from many mobile apps and by visiting our website. Just go to joelboggess.com/274. You'll also find show transcripts and additional resources to support your Relaunch into the life and business that you love.

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