478 Corporate Culture Meltdown to Porsche Enthusiast – Matt Moreman

What you will hear in our discussion with Matt Moreman:

  • Emotional breakdown to high-performance car enthusiast
  • How a car guy grew an 18-thousand YouTube subscriber list
  • Corporate culture meltdown, to entrepreneur & YouTube leader
  • The introvert’s guide to overcoming isolation
  • Crippled by a superiority complex
  • Overcoming isolation & a crippling superiority complex

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More about our featured guest Matt Moreman

I get that this might seem a bit narcissistic to feel the need to tell my story. In fact, someone actually called me a “megalomaniac.” I had to look that word up. I hope this doesn’t turn into or be perceived as a me, me, me medium. I simply want to share my ownership experience. In other words, dump what is in my head onto this site.

Honestly, I’m not sure that my story is anything special or worthy of being told, but… I think it’s necessary to let people in if I want this idea to work. So you’re going to get more than you bargained for. I think if anyone is going to follow me on the journey, they need to know who is in front of the camera. Otherwise, I’m just another jerk flaunting his bright blue sports car and talks about how much money he has. I don’t want to be that guy.I hope you take this for face value and get a real sense for who I am as a person. This is me, “All or Nothing.” 

I hope you take this for face value and get a real sense for who I am as a person. This is me, “All or Nothing.” 

Connect with Matt on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and his website.

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