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"Finding Your Voice" hit three #1s on Amazon – in categories of success, happiness, and self esteem.

Selected as a “Success Book Summary” (December 2013 issue) by the editors of Success magazine.


News and Guest Blogs

Chicago Now (Nov 2nd)

Mark Sanborn

Kimanzi Constable

Dan Miller

Jeff Goins

Oct 3, 2013 “The Podcast Answerman” with Cliff Ravenscraft

Oct 7, 2013 Speaking, Ziglar Devotional

Oct 7, 2013 “Living Smart & Well” with Inez Bracy

Oct 8, 2013 “Living by Design” with Cathy Hill Holloway

Oct 9, 2013 “Realty Universal show” with Randy Zachary

Oct 9, 2013 “Relationship Marketing” with David Soler

Oct 14, 2013 Myra Goldick “Never say Impossible”

Oct 15, 2013 KETK Tyler, TX

Oct 15, 2013 Speaking, Lions's Club Tyler, TX

Oct 16, 2013 “Purposeful Pathway” with Caroline Gavin

Oct 18, 2013 “Meditate Like a Girl” with Cindy Harpe Hively

Oct 21, 2013 KAMR Amarillo, TX

Oct 21, 2013 Mix 94.1 FM Amarillo, TX

Oct 21, 2013 “Real Talk with Michael McFadden” with Michael McFadden

Oct 22, 2013 Fox KJTV 34 Lubbock, TX

Oct 22, 2013 KFYO “The Chad Hasty Show” Lubbock, TX

Oct 23, 2013 KFDA 1st and 2nd Edition Amarillo, TX

Oct 23, 2013 Speaking, Canyon Lion's Club

Oct 24, 2013 KVII Pro News 7 Amarillo, TX

Oct 24, 2013 KCBD Ch 11 Noon Notebook Lubbock, TX

Oct 25, 2013 KLBK Lubbock, TX

Oct 25, 2013 KRFE “The Wade Wilkes Show” Lubbock, TX

Oct 25, 2013 Speaking, Lion's Club Lubbock, TX

Oct 28, 2013 KTAB Alilene, TX

Oct 29, 2013 KTXS Abilene, TX

Oct 29, 2013 KXVA Fox Abilene, TX

Oct 29, 2013 KIDY Fox San Angelo, TX

Oct 29, 2013 “Miss-takes & Life's Lessons radio” with Rick Tocquigny

Oct 31, 2013 “Living Better 50+” with Carol Doyel

Nov 3, 2013 Speaking, The Gathering Church Nashville

Nov 4, 2013 “The Rory Vaden Show” with Rory Vaden

Nov 4, 2013 “One Love for Nurses” with Susan Farthing

Nov 4, 2013 “Never say Impossible” with Myra Goldick

Nov 5, 2013 Speaking, Men's power hour at Covenant Church Colleyville

Nov 5, 2013 “Morning show with Tina” with Tina Gang

Nov 5, 2013 “Experience Pros radio show” with Angel Tuccy

Nov 5, 2013 “7 Minutes in the Morning” with Thom Rigsby

Nov 5, 2013 “Jim Donavan show” with Jim Donovan

Nov 5, 2013 “Life with Great Friends” with Doug Terpening

Nov 12, 2013 “Middays with Stan” WFCO FM

Nov 5, 2013 “Relationship Marketing” with David Soler

Nov 5, 2013 “Coffee and Conversation” with Ursula Mentjes

Nov 5, 2013 “Feminine Soul Radio” with Vanessa Halloum

Nov 5, 2013 “Free Agent Academy” with Kevin Miller

Nov 6, 2013 “What Women Want to Talk About” with Kelly Orchard

Nov 6, 2013 “Women Entrepreneurs Radio” with Deb Bailey

Nov 6, 2013 “Bryan Dodge show” with Bryan Dodge

Nov 6, 2013 “Chat With Women” with Rochelle Alhadeff

Nov 8, 2013 “Strategic Living” with Brian Holmes

Nov 8, 2013 “The Iron Jen Show” with Jen McDonough

Nov 12, 2013 “Entrepreneur on Fire” with John Lee Dumas

Nov 14, 2013 “Mercy Talk” with Mercy Ministries

Nov 14, 2013 KXAN Austin, TX

Nov 15, 2013 KVUE Austin, TX

Nov 19, 2013 “Dare to Dream” with Debbi Dashinger

Nov 20, 2013 “Project Empowerment” with Kathleen Milliken

Nov 22, 2013 “Hello Dr. CJ” with CJ Henius

Oct 27, 2013 Book signing, Barnes and Noble, Lubbock, TX

Oct 29, 2013 Book signing, Books a Million Abilene, TX

Nov 25, 2013 “The Nancy Ferrari Show” with Nancy Ferrari

Nov 16, 2013 Book signing, Barnes and Noble Austin, TX Homestead location

Nov 16, 2013 Book signing, Barnes and Noble Austin, TX Arboretum location

Nov 23, 2013 Book Signing, Books a Million Grapevine Mills, TX

Nov 27, 2013 “Barry Eva's show” with Barry Eva

Dec 5, 2013 WFCO FM “Midday with Stan”

Dec 6, 2013 “Living by Design” with Cathy Hill Holloway

Dec 10, 2013 Speaking, HEB rotary

Dec 14, 2013 Book Signing, arnes and Noble Waco, TX

Jan 6, 2014 Speaking, Ziglar Devotional

Jan 18, 2014 Book signing, Barnes and Noble Brentwood, TN

March 7, 2014 Book signing, B&N Tyler, TX

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