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jan11-4As dazzling and polished as I think I sound, listeners (except for my mom) care about what’s in it for them.

In your show notes, title, and description, focus on the “outcome” of what the listener will get by tuning in.

Ex: Sally Hogshead will share the top three ways to “fascinate” your audiences and grow your tribe. Here's the podcast I did with Sally by the way. 🙂

When I was new in the podcasting world, I would create and develop shows titles that I thought were intriguing, sexy, and would entice potential listeners to click and listen.

And while that might have worked for the casual listener who wasn't necessarily searching out a solution to her problem, since I run a business, and the podcast is the primary marketing and informational piece for the biz, I was probably missing clients and business opportunities by not being direct.

The Solution

Don't be cute, quirky, or clever… Be 100% clear.

Have a great day and PODCAST ON!

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