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jan28If you have to talk yourself into doing your next episode, you might not be podcasting about the right thing.

No matter how noble, right, or spiritual your topic sounds, if it doesn’t stir you from the inside, you might need to take another look.

If that's you, don't feel bad. Empower yourself. Make a decision today. Pull the plug (or not), and move on.

Believe me, the world will not stop and listeners won't be mad at you if you do what is in your best interest; and that is to podcast on what you are the most excited and fired-up about.

Here's something you may not have known about me… ReLaunch is not our first show.

In fact, if you count up all of the shows Pei and I have done, together and separately, it is actually our ninth show. Yes ninth!

What that means is that there have been many trips to the batter's box, and countless practice swings, before we were able to find the right blend of passion and practicality, to knock it out of the park.

For New Podcasters

Podcast about something you absolutely love to talk about – fishing, working out, fitness, relationships, chess, marriage, fatherhood, etc.

Please don't get sucked into the rallying cry of today, “I've got to monetize my podcast”. Have fun with it first.

Your listeners will be able to tell if you're just going through the motions, or if you're on fire about your topic.

The best opportunities will come after you find your fit. But usually, not before.

As a matter of fact, because I've been having fun and enjoying the process, we ended up finding several hidden monetization opportunities that I couldn't have imagined on the front end.

For Experienced Podcasters

If your show has run its course or no longer has the spark it once did, be honest and either pull the plug, or relaunch your show as a 2.0.

Either option will help you find clarity, confidence, and direction toward your next step.

Have a great day and PODCAST ON!

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