576 From Jail Cell to Multi-Millionaire – Randy Gage

What you will hear in our discussion with Randy Gage:

  • Teen alcoholic to hall of fame speaker
  • High school criminal to award winning speaker
  • Teen drug addict to NY Times bestselling author
  • End self sabotage
  • No more failed relationships
  • Get past scarcity thinking

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More about our featured guest Randy Gage 

Randy Gage is a thought-provoking critical thinker who will make you approach your business — and your life — in a whole new way. Randy is the author of ten books translated into 25 languages, including the New York Times bestsellers, Risky Is the New Safe and Mad Genius. He has spoken to more than 2 million people across more than 50 countries, and is a member of the Speakers Hall of Fame. When he is not prowling the podium or locked in his lonely writer’s garret, you’ll probably find him playing 3rd base for a softball team somewhere.


Connect with Randy on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ and his website.

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