475 Redefining Success after Olympic Gold – Carly Patterson

What you will hear in our discussion with Carly Patterson:

  • A back injury forced an Olympian’s early retirement
  • Redefining success after Olympic championship
  • Competing in high stakes gymnastics w/broken bones
  • Starting out late, finishing first 
  • The road to Olympic gold
  • Feel like your greatest accomplishments are “behind you”?

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More about our featured guest Carly Patterson

Carly captured the heart of the nation when she won the All Around Gold Medal in Women’s Gymnastics at the 2004 Olympics. She was the first American woman to win the title in 20 years, also taking home silver medals for balance beam, and the Women’s team competition.

She was also the first woman ever to win the All Around Gold Medal in Women's Gymnastics in a non boycotted Olympics.  Shortly after her return to the USA, Carly discovered she had several bulging discs in her back and made the difficult decision to retire from the sport. In the years that followed, she pursued a career in music, went to college, and got married, all while grappling with the question: what do you do when your greatest accomplishment is behind you?

Her achievements as a gymnast and the opportunities she pursued after retiring have given Carly a unique perspective on success, fulfillment, and taking risks that she shares with audiences through her speaking engagements. 

Connect with Carly on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Blog and her website.

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