406 Sex Trafficking Survivor to Ministry Leader – Annie Lobert

What you will hear in our discussion with Annie Lobert:

  • How she became the victim of sex trafficking
  • Too ashamed to forgive yourself?
  • Founder of “Hookers for Jesus” shares her story

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More about our featured guest Annie Lobert

Annie Lobert is a survivor of more than a decade of sex trafficking.

She worked as an exotic dancer and a high-class escort and was prostituted in Hawaii, Minneapolis, and Las Vegas.

Annie is an internationally recognized expert and advocate of ministry to men and women in the commercial sex industry from her personal experience.

She fully understands the traumatic psychological, emotional, and physical effects of initially choosing the sex industry as a job choice-only later to be trapped, beaten and sold to the trafficker’s highest bidders.

Annie is also a survivor of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), domestic violence, sexual abuse, cancer, drug addiction, abortions, miscarriages, pornography, anorexia, and bulimia. In 2003, after a serious drug overdose and an epiphany with God, Annie began her personal journey of healing and recovery to emotional, physical, and spiritual wholeness.

Annie’s mission was to go back and reach the ladies she had left behind who were working in Las Vegas as prostitutes/sex trafficking victims. What started as a pioneering, grass roots outreach to sex workers soon became a non-profit, whose focus was to Hook (outreach) Hope (Jesus) Help (housing) Heal (restoration). In 2005, Hookers for Jesus, was birthed.

Although many continue to disagree with the name, Annie moved into full time ministry using her personal experience as a guide and started mentoring and helping women who were still in and formerly in the sex industry. Many ladies had nowhere to go after they had left their traffickers and a vision was birthed in 2007 to have homes available and ready for women that wanted to leave their pasts behind. 


Connect with Annie on Twitter, Facebook and her website.

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