Stopping the Interview??? Yes! You can do that. Podcast Tips


People's time is at an all-time premium these days.

As a content creator, it's important to always keep that in mind.

Your listeners, readers, and viewers are voluntarily investing the time they could have spent doing a multitude of other things, with you.

Be respectful of that.

Be willing to pull the plug on an interview if it’s not adding value to your avatar.

Yeah I know… This is a tough one. Especially for the newer podcaster who may not have experience dealing with people or is intimidated by the notoriety of a guest.

However, you have a responsibility to yourself and your listeners to put out the absolute best content you can.jan29

To minimize scrapping the interview, guest preparation is vitally important.

Done well, it sets you and the the up for success. Done poorly or not at all, can end up costing you time, energy, and resources.

Remember This

Guests are people too. 🙂 Even the A-list types. And they want to do good by you and sound good on the show.

If the interview takes off with a bumpy start, and sputters to get traction, rest assured, you're not the first person that's happened to. If you're feeling uncomfortable, your guest probably is to.

Then Do This

Use discretion and common sense – If the interview needs to be shelved because of a mismatch, or rescheduled so you or they can be more prepared and ready, be bold enough to say so. Remember, it's your show and your driving the boat (and in most cases, your guest expects you to keep control of the wheel).

And it's Likely that This will Happen

Just yesterday, Pei and I were interviewing an A-list guest and I had to call it off.

To many background distractions (airplanes, car horns, etc) and poor audio. I didn’t want to waste his, mine, and especially, my listener’s time.

Not only was he apologetic, he went out of his way to re-schedule quickly.

Have a great day and PODCAST ON!

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    Interesting! I only encountered the word polyptoton for the first time the other day (in Anita Albus's book 'The Art of Arts' – whose title is itself ponttpoyolic…)Are those tulips in the title print, I wonder? If so, that's a fairly early appearance for a flower that Clusius had supposedly first planted in the Netherlands in 1593.

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