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What you will hear in our discussion with Mark Minard:

  • Write and Publish Your First Book
  • Getting up from Rock Bottom
  • How to Deal with Doubts and Fears as 1st Time Author
  • Writing and Publishing Your First Book

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Who is this Mark Minard Guy!? Mark Minard is the Author of The Story of You, Transforming Adversity Into Adventure, Taking Your Dreams To The Next Level and Beyond! He's husband, and father of 5. He is the Owner and Co-Founder of Dreamshine, which proudly serves individuals with special needs. He’s the Co-Owner/Founder & Co-Host of Elevating Beyond Podcast. He’s just an ordinary dude, with an extraordinary faith, believing all things are possible.


  • The Story of You: Transforming Adversity into Adventure, Taking Your Dreams to the Next Level and Beyond

Full Transcript

[00:18] Joel: Mark Minard, this is ReLaunch on October the 30th, in three, two, one. As promised, author Mark Minard joins us and this is actually perfect timing for us to have him on because he just released his first book, “The Story of You,” and I can't wait to dive into that. And he is also one half of the ‘Elevating Beyond' podcast or rather ‘Elevating Beyond' broadcast team along with Dayne Gingrich and they were actually kind enough to invite me on. So, I'm delighted to return the favor and Mark gosh welcome, welcome to the show, congratulations on getting that book done.

[01:05] Mark Minard: Thank you, thank you, it's an honor to be here with both of you today, quite an honor.

[01:10] Joel: Did I pronounced Dayne's name right Gingrich by the way?

[01:13] Mark Minard: You did, you did a lot of people call him Dwayne or Dan, they actually butcher the first name usually. So, he'll be happy.

[01:22] Joel: Well, usually I take about five hours before my recording just to pronounce the name, just to practice, practice, practice. Well, that's kinda…

[01:31] Mark Minard: Me too, yeah.

[01:32] Pei: Well, we gotta be in this house.

[01:34] Joel: Well, we're podcasters, that's how we roll.

[01:36] Mark Minard: That's right, that's right.

[01:38] Joel: Indeed.

[01:38] Mark Minard: Yeah.

[01:39] Joel: Hey Mark.

[01:39] Joel: I've butchered his name before actually and he's my co-host so…


[01:45] Joel: Hey, Mark thanks for your time. This show, it's highly practical because it is all about the relaunch and specifically how you did and we've all experienced numerous launches and relaunches, starts and stops, that kinda thing throughout our lives. But what I do is I generally ask our guests to zero in on the relaunch that has been the most transformational or the most significant for them and then we just kind of unfold the story from there. We'll do that with you here in just a few minutes but first I'd like to start to show off with a quick piece of takeaway gold and in your book ‘The Story of You'. You talk about fear, faith, and the entrepreneurial journey. So, before we do a deep dive into the book, let me just ask you this, I personally believe that we all have at least one book in us. So, what was it for you that really got you over, I don't know, the Impostor syndrome or the doubts or the fear or the hesitation and really moved you into getting this book cranked out because, gosh, it's easy to talk ourselves into, “Well, I'll do it after this or after this next thing.”

[02:57] Mark Minard: Sure.

[03:00] Joel: So, what was it for you that really made you, enough is enough kinda thing?

[03:05] Mark Minard: Yeah, it was actually about a year ago almost to date when I finally declared I read over 65 leadership books last year and as I really was continuing to grow in that area a lot of 'em were starting to look like kind of the same blah-blah-blah, although there's so many great ones and I just really wanted to hit it on a different level to really help teach people that anyone is capable of doing anything that's in their heart, there is no A, B, C, D secrets to success and I just wanted to share my story and be real and raw and authentic to help other people to be able to share their story.

[03:46] Joel: What was the scene like in your house? I mean did you like kinda sit upright in bed or were you just kind of over breakfast thinking that, “Honey, I'm gonna finally do this thing that I've been boring you to death with.” Alright, talking but not acting, I'm curious, what was the scene like?

[04:05] Mark Minard: Yeah, I'm just laughing 'cause my wife has heard so… Those books literally just came in my hands yesterday delivered by the publisher and she's heard so much about it. I think she's already sick of it. But obviously she's very supportive.

[04:20] Joel: Of course.

[04:20] Mark Minard: But the scene was like, I was reading my good man and mentor Eric Thomas' ‘Actually Greatness is Upon You', which is an excellent book on growth and leadership.

[04:31] Joel: Okay.

[04:31] Joel: And there's a part where he challenges you, I was starting to get up earlier, do my morning reading, and to really declare something and follow through with it and I wrote it in there this year, I'm literally gonna write a book and finish it and we started a podcast too. So, in that moment I wrote it and I sent it out to about five of my really close accountability partners and I knew once I did that…

[05:00] Pei: There's no coming back.

[05:01] Joel: Yeah, right, all bets are off. So, some great tips there, number one write down your goal, your dream, your vision, you don't have to know the ‘how' but write down what it is that you are committing yourself to, and you know, Pei, we talk about relaunch for relationships all the time. What Mark did is he chose five people that would hold him accountable that he could link arms with that once he let the cat out of the bag by sharing that info with his peeps…

[05:33] Pei: Yeah.

[05:34] Joel: He had to just go.

[05:37] Pei: Yeah. So, I think when we share our ideas, our dreams, we have heard all kinds of experts on our show sharing their experience. Some said, “You gotta talk about your dreams, you gotta share with everyone.” And others have depending on who in their circle that they recommend you may not wanna engage with everyone that you…

[06:03] Mark Minard: Sure.

[06:04] Pei: Because some… ‘Cause in that stage you're excited but you can be fearful.

[06:09] Joel: Well you don't wanna end up in a fight where your having to defend your ideas and your dreams.

[06:12] Mark Minard: Absolutely.

[06:14] Joel: With naysayers so that's…

[06:16] Mark Minard: Yeah, sometimes that biggest naysayer is ourself too. Our own inner critic.

[06:21] Joel: Well said, well said.

[06:23] Pei: Yeah.

[06:23] Joel: Back up a little bit if you will Mark and let's talk about the relaunch story that we need to talk about today and let's just kind of find our way back into the book at the end of the show.

[06:40] Mark Minard: Sure, you want me to just kind of dive right into the rock bottom where the book…

[06:46] Joel: Sure. If that's where we need to start for you personally. Now, your book,”The Story of You,” definitely a great book and I recommend it but that was just a product of…

[07:00] Mark Minard: You bet.

[07:01] Joel: Of your, okay.

[07:03] Mark Minard: Yes. This is all about helping people for sure that, and, yeah, I mean my personal story starts off at age 17 basically I was just making all the wrong choices. I didn't have those right five friends actually I had all the wrong friends and was just really consumed in a lot of drugs and alcohol and basically woke up in a jail cell, had no idea how I had gotten there or what had happened, I just remember my eyes literally jolting open, I mean, like I fell into my body and they just jolted open and I looked around and there was some big, huge kind of scary looking dude with a beard and some other people and then the police officer came to the door and said, “Mark Minard we need you to come out.” and I kind of realized, “Wait I'm in jail what's going on,” and they sat down and took my mugshot and explained to me I had a DUI and my face showed up on the screen for the mugshot and the left side of my face was a giant bruise and I found out my jaw have been broken and my left eye socket have been fractured and I was so intoxicated they told me I should've been legally dead and basically I had went out late at night to get food when I couldn't even walk, my roommates told me I somehow managed to crawl into my car, thank God I didn't kill someone.

[08:34] Pei: Well I guess your roommate didn't stop you then either, huh?

[08:38] Mark Minard: No, no. They carried me home from a party and they weren't the types to do that.

[08:44] Pei: Sure.

[08:44] Mark Minard: They would be the type to be like, pouring another shot down my throat while I was… So I rearended a guy in the drive-through of a Wiener Dog, which is a place that's open all night in Colorado and he was 35. A big cowboy guy and I just read this from the police reports, really angry and they said I just lay there like a catatonic punching bag and he just beat my face and I can tell you it was one of the worst lows that I ever had especially calling my parents, you know high…

[09:18] Joel: So wait a minute, hold on.

[09:19] Mark Minard: Go ahead Joel.

[09:20] Joel: So you're in the drive-through and probably not at a high-speed you hit this person. It might have been a little, been faster that it should've been in a drive-through because you were under the influence. So the injuries took place because of the guy and…

[09:42] Pei: I thought it was the accident.

[09:44] Joel: Right, right me too.

[09:46] Mark Minard: No, I probably… The police report read that we were just stopped and I just basically passed out at the wheel and hit him, he was probably two feet in front of me so I just probably barely dinged his car and then was just kind of off to the side and he had prior assaults and warrants in other states actually.

[10:06] Pei: It's a wrong time and wrong place and with all the wrong people.

[10:10] Mark Minard: I wasn't hurt at all from the accident. He just beat my face in.

[10:19] Joel: Okay. So there you are, mugshot, and let's kind of fast forward a little bit. Was that kind of, obviously that was a, you used the word earlier a jolting experience for you but was that the part that kind of helps you get straight and turn around or were there some other things that had to happen?

[10:41] Mark Minard: It definitely was where the transformation took place. I lost my license, I moved back in with my parents. I actually was able to graduate early from high school at age 17 but I then decided for the first time to go to college. I used to not think I was smart enough to. I knew God my whole life but I really started understanding I wasn't seen the fruits in my life because of the decisions I was making and I started to hang out with different people and going to college and it wasn't a overnight change. I want to make that clear to everyone, nothing happens overnight. I did hang with the wrong crowd often on still and it felt different each time I was with them though.

[11:27] Joel: What do you mean that it felt different? ‘Cause I think that's an important distinction right there.

[11:33] Mark Minard: Yeah. So, before I was more just numb to everything and didn't really seem to care about anything and now when I go with them it just… I'd look around and think like what are these people doing with their lives? And then I was thinking, jeez I could end up back. I had my jaw partially wired shut and I was drinking beer out of the side of my mouth and I'm just thinking, what the heck am I doing? I've gotta change my life. And I just looked at… Go ahead.

[12:04] Pei: Yeah. You still hang out with similar people doing a little bit similar things but now you start to have that awareness, start to question your behaviors and the friends you hang out with.

[12:18] Mark Minard: Yes. And I feel like that's how God kind of starts working the transformation. It's not just… I guess for some people they have that overnight thing, but he just kind of started speaking to me more and more and I was… Maybe this time I was listening more.

[12:34] Joel: Oh. That's a good distinction right there. This time, you were listening. So, what you're saying is God was speaking to you, trying to get your attention, trying to get you to listen but finally you just decided to… Had to go through, gosh it was something that was terrible on multiple levels but finally, finally He got your attention. Okay. Fast forward a little bit, Mark. I know there's a lot more to this story and people can definitely read more into it by picking up a copy of “The Story of You,” but let me ask you this. We're kind of fast forwarding now to present day. Your book, what did you get out of it?

[13:24] Mark Minard: Oh. That's a great question. Oh, wow. It literally just came into my hands yesterday. One thing is it took me to a whole new level of fighting fears and inner critics, I never realized starting a book is one thing, finishing it is another.

[13:48] Pei: And then send it to publish is even another…

[13:51] Mark Minard: Yes. Yeah. And now having it out there, I'm so confident that it's gonna help so many people that's what I really care about, but there's a whole other level of fear and confusion I faced along the way. And even as I was like two weeks away from having it finally published, I would get that voice in my head, “Who are you to write a book, Mark? No one's gonna wanna read this. You're not good enough for this.” And that's what I put so much in the story of… I recognized that's the enemy talking right there. So, he's trying to stop it, right?

[14:31] Joel: Exactly. And I'm so looking forward to getting my copy in the mail. So, thank you for forwarding that to us. Let me ask you this. We're kind of coming in for a landing. It goes by really, really quickly sometimes but we got a few minutes left. What did you learn or relearn about your possibilities, potential, maybe even your value or another way to look at it is what did you either discover or recover?

[15:02] Mark Minard: One thing I discovered and I say in there speaking of discovery is impossible is where every great adventure begins.

[15:12] Joel: Okay. What does that mean? Break that down for us.

[15:15] Mark Minard: Well, this whole circumstance of… I have a company that serves individual with special needs and said I'm gonna start a podcast and write a book in the same year. And a lot of people, like you mentioned, you have to tell the right people who'll say, “That's crazy. That's impossible.” And on human terms, I mean they were right, but what I learned is when God put something in your heart it usually is the scarier thing that He does put in your heart to really do. And it takes the faith to keep putting the action day in and day out when it looks on human terms around you that everything is impossible. It's terrifying. You just have to keep going and going and going till it actually manifests…

[16:03] Joel: Let me ask you this.

[16:04] Mark Minard: Go ahead, Joel.

[16:05] Joel: No. Finish your thought, until it manifests…

[16:10] Mark Minard: We've heard this a lot, but then you're able to look back and I can connect all the dots even to how Dan Miller came involved and wrote the foreword. I didn't even know him a year ago when I started the book. And God was there the whole time orchestrating it. I just couldn't… In the moment, you can't see how He's orchestrating everything or like you mentioned you don't know the ‘how'. The faith is you just have to keep doing.

[16:35] Joel: Let me ask you this. And this will be the last thought of the show. So much appreciate your time here. Again, talking today with Mark Minard, his book hot off the press it's called, “The Story of You.” Something you said a minute or two ago that God reveals something in your heart, I'm paraphrasing here, but usually or at least in your case it was the thing that scared you the most, right? You said something like that?

[17:03] Mark Minard: Yes, yes.

[17:04] Joel: Okay. Globally speaking rather, why do you think that that's the case? Because I've had conversations with folks that, if something is revealed or they get a vision or an inkling, a God nudge, but it's usually that thing that is absolutely just straight up scarier than all… Than all [17:29] ____. Why do you think that the revelation comes that way, something like that is just scary?

[17:40] Mark Minard: I think miracle territory does not occur within the comfort zone and you have to go out of your… God calls you out of the comfort zone. I mean, if you read every story in the Bible, its examples of Him pulling people out of their comfort zone and they had to choose to go into that, all of 'em were scared and they had to choose to follow that faith with action in order to really… That's how God shows off his glory and his light is really through those impossible scenarios. But it takes kind of stepping into that unknown territory and way out of your comfort zone usually for it to happen.

[18:22] Pei: Yeah. Well, thank you for sharing that. And by the way, for all the links to connect with Mark and Mark's book, “The Story of You”, you can just go to joelboggess.com/390. But Mark, now I'm hearing your story, it sounds like you're really a young individual and had experienced so much success or… I guess I don't like to call it failure, but setbacks and downfalls. And so, it sounded like this book is on lots of leadership and maybe personal leadership as well. Who would you say would be the best audience to read this particular book that would benefit so much from it?

[19:13] Mark Minard: Sure. Really, anyone that is facing fear at any level. Whether they're wanting to just be a better teacher, a better leader, a better coach or even trying to discover who they really want to be. Because I don't give like a; A, B, C, and D, this is how you must discover your success, 'cause we all know there's no seven steps to success. I share my fears and how I fought them, and it lets people know, if anything, that, “Hey, most people do go through this at every level. And the fear I'm feeling right now is normal and I can fight it and overcome it and do whatever it may be”. If they're trying to go to college or be a better husband, a better wife, a better father, start their own company. Whatever it is or start their own book or podcast, anything they might want to do, this book is just kind of my play book from ‘in the trenches.' It's not theories, it's my real life experiences that really God helped put in my heart to share with others to live out their story.

[20:26] Joel: Appreciate you sharing that with us today. One of the things that he said, remember this, ‘follow faith with action.' Mark Minard, have a wonderful, wonderful rest of your day and thank you so much for your time today on ReLaunch.

[20:43] Mark Minard: Thank you.

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