132 “Unwavering Strength” Through Challenging Times – Judy O’Beirn

On the show is Judy O'Beirn. She and her team have been the force behind some of the most well-known authors and book projects – Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, and Debbie Ford – The Shadow Effect, Marci Shimoff – Happy for No Reason, Chris and Janet Attwood – The Passion Test, and Jack Canfield and William Gladstone – The Golden Motorcycle Gang

Take a peek at her latest book project – Unwavering Strength

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Judy's Backstory >>> Safe, secure, and comfortable, she spent the lion's share of her life working in traditional, faceless, nameless corporate America. It was a string of unimaginable, near disabling events that triggered the beginning of her own business and then later the writing of her book. I'm not going to pretend to understand, even remotely, the depth of the emotional pain she must have felt. Here's what happened: within the same general time frame she lost her husband, two sisters-in- law, her daughters best friend, her dog, and the job she had come to depend on. It was her unyielding desire to honor those she lost, especially her husband, that pushed her forward in creating a work of art that would stand as a legacy- Unwavering Strength – Stories to Inspire You Through Challenging Times. As she reveals on the show, nine hours before her husband passed, he saw the cover of the book he inspired her to write.

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