571 Freelance to Freedom – Vincent Pugliese

What you will hear in our discussion with Vincent Pugliese:

  • Get past overwhelm
  • Freelance to financial freedom
  • Freedom from financial stress
  • Become a better father
  • Break into the photography business

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More about our featured guest Vincent Pugliese 

Vincent Pugliese is, first and foremost, a husband to his beautiful wife Elizabeth and the proud dad of their three boys, Andrew, Nolan and Dylan.

Vincent has been a professional photographer for more than twenty two years. Vincent has photographed just about every assignment imaginable, having photographed three United States Presidents, and his work has been published in nearly every newspaper throughout the globe, as well as hundreds of magazines and various publications. Vincent and his wife own and run Elizabeth Vincent Photography, which specializes in documentary wedding photography, corporate work and professional sports.

Vincent is an international award winning sports photographer, having photographed every major sporting event, including the Super Bowl, the World Series, the NHL Finals, the Kentucky Derby and even Wrestlemania! Vincent was named International Sports Photographer of the Year by Pictures of the Year International in 2003, and has won hundreds of international, national and state photojournalism awards.

In 2017, Vincent’s first book, Freelance to Freedom, will be released by Morgan James Publishing. It is the story of how he and his wife went from low paying jobs and debilitating debt to a life of financial and time freedom with their children. Elizabeth and Vincent, who live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, now homeschool their three boys. In the past few years, Vincent has included helping and coaching men live a life of financial, time and life freedom, specifically through the world of self-employment.

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