486 Healing through Confession – Walter Nusbaum

What you will hear in our discussion with Walter Nusbaum:

  • Confessing to your ex
  • Healing through confession
  • The need for validation
  • Tennis lessons for the corporate boardroom
  • Overcoming fear and learning to trust again
  • Seminary student to author and professional speaker

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More about our featured guest Walter Nusbaum

Walter Nusbaum is President of The Nusbaum Group and the author of “Do You Have What It Takes?” He has spent over a decade doing training and development with executives, business people, athletes, and non-profit organizations.  The combination of Walter’s academic background in strategic management, leadership, and philosophy along with his ability to “see the problem” and provide “proven solutions” has made him a highly sought after speaker and coach. 


Connect with Walter on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and his website.

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